Top 15 Best KMTC Short Courses

If you want to become a better healthcare worker (or perhaps get that long-awaited promotion), plan in enrolling for one of the Top 15 Best KMTC Short Courses (Kenya medical training college).

Best KMTC Short Courses

The following KMTC short courses are on offer in various Campuses. Short courses are offered to individuals, corporate or tailor-made for organizations.

These include but not limited to:

  1. HTS (HIV Training & Counseling services)
  2. Adherence Counseling.
  3. First aid/basic life support.
  4. Echocardiography
  5. Infection Prevention
  6. Healthcare Entrepreneurship.
  7. Safe Phlebotomy.
  8. Infection Prevention.
  9. Sign Language (for Health workers)
  10. Medical Engineering (i.e. Basic electronics)

1. HIV Training and Counseling services (HTS)

The course prepares participants to provide comprehensive HIV Testing Services (HTS), strengthen linkage to care and treatment and other post- test services, define target populations who may particularly benefit from HIV testing services (accredited by NASCOP)

Target Group: Health workers -Anyone interested in working in HIV/AIDS programs.

Duration 3 weeks, Fees 24,500Kshs.

2. Adherence Counseling

The course equips participants with knowledge & skills to motivate persons living with HIV/AIDS to maintain their treatment and adhere to guidelines provided

Target Group: Those with certificate in HTS, health or social sciences, counseling community health & development. (Must have done VCT counseling)

Duration 1 Week full time + 1 month practicum/ mentorship, Fees 16,500 Kshs

3. Echocardiography

The course enables the participants to perform and interpret echocardiograms and ultrasound imaging of the heart and blood flow, gain expert understanding of the latest scientific laboratory equipment including use of the clinical skills laboratory and echocardiographic machines

Target Group: Radiographers, Healthcare professionals with strong background Anatomy & physiology.

Duration 3 months part time, Fees 90,500

4. Monitoring & evaluation

The course provides participants with requisite knowledge to design and implement healthcare projects to meet the populations’ health needs, and promote evidence-based decision making. Graduates work with local & international NGOs, public & private sector projects

Target Group: Project Managers, Project Officers, Project Assistants, health information officers, practitioners involved in designing, supervising, coordinating or monitoring interventions

Duration 4 weeks full time, Fees 35,500Kshs

5. Healthcare Entrepreneurship

This course empowers participants become healthcare entrepreneurs or to manage their healthcare businesses profitably

Target Group: Healthcare workers and those in healthcare business

Duration 2 weeks, Fees 25,500Kshs

6. Health Systems Management

This courses prepares participants to become managers in healthcare sector.

Target Group: Healthcare workers with minimum qualification of Diploma (healthcare professionals, health administrators, human resources officers, procurement officers, project managers, etc)

Duration 4 weeks (online), Fees 40,500Kshs

7. Leadership Development Program

This course is focused on building leadership capacity of healthcare workers. Working in their real work teams, participants learn leading, managing, and governing practices that enable them to face challenges and achieve measurable results

Target Group: Training targets teams from healthcare units. Teams learn through implementing a leadership project chosen by their health system leaders

Duration 4 workshops of 3 days each, Fees 50,500Kshs

8. Safe Phlebotomy

The course gives participants knowledge and skills to perform safe phlebotomy, provide quality specimens for laboratory tests, handle phlebotomy equipment and avoid occupational exposure.

Target Group: Laboratory technicians, technologists, scientists, medical officers, clinical officers, nurses, other certificate or diploma in health related course

Duration 3 days, Fees 15,500Kshs

9. Exercise Physiology and prescription. (Therapeutic)

The training provides participants with knowledge and skills on global evidence based standardized exercise protocols after musculoskeletal injuries.

Target Group: Physiotherapists, Minimum Requirement Diploma in Physiotherapy

Duration 2 weeks, Fees 15,500kshs

10. First aid and basic life support

This course empowers participants to prevent and manage life threatening emergencies. Training follows approved international guidelines

Target Group: Drivers, hoteliers, Police officers, Security firms, County emergency / Disaster teams, teachers/ carers etc

Duration 2 weeks (part-time), Fees 10,500Kshs

11. Infection Prevention and Control (with emphasis on COVID)

This course equips participants with knowledge & skills to prevent and control infections in different healthcare set ups

Target Group: Healthcare workers, hospital support staff, hospital administrations, HTC counselors, caregivers in general

Duration 5 days, Fees 7,500Kshs

12. Vestibular Rehabilitation

This course prepares participants with knowledge and skills to manage vestibular system, dizziness and balance disturbance disorders.

Target Group: Physiotherapists, Minimum Requirement Diploma in Physiotherapy

Duration One week, Fees 10,500Kshs

13. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

This prepares participants to address the physiotherapy management of a person with cardiac/ pulmonary system dysfunction

Target Group: Physiotherapists, Minimum Requirement Diploma in Physiotherapy

Duration 2 weeks, fees 15,500Kshs

14. Sign Language for Health workers

The course prepares participants to communicate in sign language, helping the deaf access healthcare in line with Universal Health Coverage

Target Group: Health workers & those interested in working with the deaf; minimum requirement Certificate in any course

Duration 6 months (3 fulltime & 3 practicum) Fees,60,500Kshs

15. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

This course is designed to provide participants with essential skills to perform assessment in pelvic floor dysfunctions and treatment interventions using evidence-based practice technique.

Target Group: Physiotherapists, Minimum Requirement Diploma in Physiotherapy

Duration 2 weeks, Fees 20,500Kshs

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