12 Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya

Looking for a rewarding career? Discover Kenya’s 12 Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya for future lucrative jobs. Employers in Kenya are nowadays seeking diploma graduates especially in technical professionals. Choose the right course to boost your chances of success

Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya

This comprehensive guide explores Kenya’s top 12 Best Paying Diploma Courses in Kenya. Each course has been thoroughly researched and chosen based on marketability, job prospects, and potential earnings. Let’s have a look at them right away!

1. Diploma in Human Resource Management

An essential component of any organization is human resource management. Businesses in Kenya are recognizing the need of good human resource management in raising productivity as the country’s corporate sector expands. A diploma in human resource management has consequently gained significant marketability.

Top institutions offering this course include Nairobi TTI, Thika TTI, Kisumu Polytechnic, Meru Polytechnic, Nyeri Polytechnic, Runyejes TVC, University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Multimedia University, and African Nazarene University

2. Diploma in Architecture

One of the highest paying diploma programs in Kenya is architecture, with a starting salary of 50K per month. In Kenya, there are still not many architects, and those who do exist are often well-paid. It is one of the highest paying diploma courses to pursue due to the strong demand for these specialists and the small quantity of experts.

3. Diploma in Information Technology

You would be qualified to work for IT companies and even in telecoms if you received a diploma in information technology. Since almost every business has an IT department, the course is both marketable and lucrative.

A diploma in information technology is one of the most sought-after courses in the age of digitization. Students get essential ICT, software, and technological skills as a result. Opportunities abound in government agencies, commercial businesses, NGOs, and ICT-related entrepreneurial endeavors as Kenya enters the digital age.

Renowned institutions offering this course include KCA University, JKUAT, African Nazarene University, Mount Kenyan University, Zetech University, and Kenyatta University.

4. Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

Another diploma program that pays quite well, especially if you have media talent, is journalism and mass communication. Most of the journalists you see working for national TV networks have diplomas. Since journalism is a technical subject, diploma students receive more hands-on training, which is highly appealing to employers.

One of the highest paying diploma courses in Kenya, entry-level positions typically pay around 40K per month, while individuals with extensive experience and stellar performance records can make up to 500K per month.

5. Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery

Medical students who may not want to complete a full degree are the target audience for this course. They are given both general and specialized care skills by a diploma in this sector.

In hospitals and health facilities nationwide, both public and private employment opportunities are accessible. Institutions offering this diploma include Kenya Medical Training College, Egerton University, and Mount Kenya University.

6. Diploma in Business Management

As an entry-level employee, the majority of graduates with business-related diplomas make between Kshs 30K and Kshs 50K per month. That implies that, frequently depending on the organization you work for, your monthly compensation will rise over time. Some businesses will pay diploma holders up to Kshs 60,000, particularly those with a diploma in digital marketing.

Skills in business management are in high demand in the job market and are generally relevant. You can find employment in a variety of areas, from small firms to huge corporations and government agencies, with a diploma in business management.

Several institutions offer this diploma, including KCA University, Kenyatta University, African Nazarene University, JKUAT, and Mount Kenya

7. Diploma in Project Management: Monitoring & Evaluation

Jobs with NGOs are still among the most sought-after jobs in Kenya. Project management is a skill needed by the majority of NGOs to manage the numerous projects they operate. Project management is a well-paid training in Kenya because NGOs are typically willing to pay new employees more than 70K per month.

8. Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

Another profession that is rapidly expanding in Kenya is procurement and supply chain management. Employment possibilities in government agencies, parastatals, the business sector, and NGOs are made possible by a diploma in this discipline.

You can pursue this course at KCA University, African Nazarene University, and Egerton University.

9. Diploma in Accounting + CPA

One of Kenya’s most marketable diploma programs is this one. Since accountants and financial specialists are necessary for every industry to function effectively, accounting positions are always in demand.

Accountants in reputable institutions make at least Ksh 50,000 per month, and their salaries increase as they get more experience. A CPA or ACCA qualification should be added to an accounting diploma, however, to increase marketability.

10. Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

In the field of electrical engineering, Kenyan employers favor diploma holders over degree holders more frequently. Particularly if you work for organizations like KPLC, KenGen, Bamburi Cement, Davis and Shirtliff, or KAA, the training pays well.

You can expect to make more than Ksh 50,000 per month if you have a diploma in electrical engineering. This makes it one of Kenya’s highest paying diploma programs.

11. Diploma in Quantity Surveying

Over 90% of students who complete this course find jobs within a year after graduation, according to research. A quantity surveying diploma graduate can expect to make between 60,000 and 300,000 Kenyan Shillings per month.

The thing I enjoy best is that even if you don’t have good luck finding work, you may succeed in life by starting your own business. A Diploma in Quantity Surveying has become a very marketable course as Kenya’s building industry has grown. Graduates can choose between jobs in the government, commercial quantity surveying, or customer service.

Leading institutions offering this course include the University of Nairobi, JKUAT, Maseno University, and Kenyatta University.

12. Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

For those passionate about media and journalism, a Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism offers a pathway into the industry. The course is available at KCA University, Maseno University, Gretsa University, Kenyatta University, and Mount Kenya University.

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