10 Most Marketable Short Courses in Kenya Today

So, what are the most marketable short courses in Kenya? If you are interested,Well you’re just about to discover the 10 Most marketable short courses in Kenya Today and why you should study them.

Whether you just completed your high school education, you want to change career or you have been in employment and looking for job promotions, picking the right short course that will impact a highly valuable skill is paramount.

At the moment and in future short courses are expected to be in high demand and everyone regardless of whether you are a new entrant in the job market – or you have a different career and would like to enhance your skill needs to understand them.

In light of this, let’s first take a look at some of the reasons why you need to take these marketable short courses in Kenya.

Need For Marketable Short Courses In Kenya

Short-term courses can be beneficial in the following ways:

  1. Self Employment: You might start a well-paying side hustle with the knowledge you gain from the course.
  2. Job Promotion: It could greatly boost your chances of earning a job promotion or a salary hike.
  3. In Demand skills: It exposes you to 21st skills that make you more competent at what you do leading to improved job security.
  4. Career shift: It could be a bridge to your new career if you’re feeling trapped in a less-than-thrilling occupation.
  5. Employability: They make your CV appealing to high-value employers.
  6. Eligibility: Short courses like IELTS preparation course help you pass the IELTS exams, a requirement to be eligible for admission in some overseas Universities.

Most Marketable Short Courses In Kenya

The current job market in Kenya relies on the forces of demand and supply, skills and knowledge in high demand, and limited supply – attract high pay – while those that have become redundant receive poor pay or face layoffs.

Here is a list of the 10 Most marketable short courses in Kenya Today

1. Accounting

With a good understanding of accounting, you can operate your own business by doing bookkeeping and tax compliance without the help of a hired professional. You can also file your own taxes and those of your relatives and friends – for a fee.

If you are an IT professional, you could use your accounting skills to develop software that automates routine tasks such as reconciliation.

2. Language Courses

Being multilingual can unlock new doors for you in self-employment or international formal employment.

You could work as a translator, language tutor, transcriber, and more if you build impeccable reading and writing skills in English, French, German, Chinese, and other international languages

3. Interior Design

Professionals that assist in creating original, aesthetic, and practical living spaces are in high demand due to the expanding housing industry.

People who are enthusiastic about physical art should take this course in particular. Hotels, Airbnb hosts, event planners, and even individual homes are willing to spend tens of thousands of shillings, if not millions, on stunning designs.

While a four-year bachelor’s degree is normally needed for specialization, a brief course in interior design can be completed in 3–6 months.

4. Digital Jobs

The World is increasingly falling in love with remote work and the demand for online workers in areas such as digital marketing, transcription, blogging, virtual assistance (VA), etc. has never been this high.

Here you have to choose an area or two to specialize in.

Better still, You could open your own well-paying online business if you don’t want to work for others after completing the online jobs course you select.

5. Programming

Because they provide you with a skill that is in great demand and is expected to be the future of the digital economy, programming courses are essential. As the world becomes more dependent on automated and digital systems, programmers are in great demand globally and across all professional disciplines.

Anyone may learn to code and become a programmer; it’s not necessary to have studied computer science. For novices, there are several free online courses available; they normally last one month. Python and Java are two of the most widely used programming languages.

6. Data Analysis

Competency in advanced Excel skills such as data analysis, forecasting, goal-seeking, and more is in huge demand in Kenya.
Go for this short course if you have a firm background in Accounting, Strategic management, Statistics Investment banking, and the like.

A related course you might pursue is Data analysis (using SPSS, Stata, and R-programming).

7. Web Design and Development

As more people move towards the internet, there is a great demand for web development skills. Web development courses are easily available on the internet for free – basic training courses typically last for two weeks – although there are levels of advancement that can take up to two years.

Once you have the skill and the certification, you can work independently building websites for individuals and organizations – or you could be employed as an in-house web developer.

8. Videography Course

Video production remains a marketable skill for those with interest in video shooting and editing.

Nowadays the course is much advanced and tackles professional skills in cinematography (camera work), sound operation, animation and even graphics.

You can freelance as a professional video cameraman, start a business, or look for full-time employment in media firms and elsewhere.

9. Digital Marketing

More people in Kenya and around the world are getting their news, training, socialization, and even shopping online.

This course helps you understand the basics of digital marketing including social media marketing, online advertising, Google Adwords, and how different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok use different algorithms in pushing out content.

10. Cyber Security Course

This certificate course is among the finest earning and most marketable short courses offered in Kenya.

The caveat is that not everyone will benefit from this course; you must possess at least a diploma in ICT or computer science from an accredited university.

Naturally, you’ll spend your days battling cybercriminals like hackers and putting safety measures in place to thwart developing cybercrimes.

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