Top 10 Best Medical Courses For D Plus Grade

In Kenya, there are numerous medical courses for which a D+ grade might grant admission, allowing one to work in the medical field and providing a foundation for future study and professional development. In this article , we take a look at the TOP 10 BEST Medical Courses For D Plus Grade.

Although admission to these courses may be granted with a D+, success in these courses and obtaining real-world experience will be essential for future career progression.

Medical Courses For D Plus

This article describes extensively the BEST Medical Courses For D Plus Grade in Kenya highlighting the qualifications and institutions offering the courses as of the date of writing this article.

Qualifications may change from time to time and can differ from one college or university to the other. Remember to check with the respective institutions for any changes or updates.

Below is a list of the TOP 10 BEST Medical Courses For D Plus Grade in KCSE.

1. Certificate in Counseling Psychology

After completing the course, students will possess the knowledge and skills required to operate as professional counselors. Following graduation, eligible candidates might work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities providing psychiatric counseling services.

The students also laid the groundwork for their eventual enrolment in a counseling psychology degree program and their pursuit of a degree. A course typically lasts one year.


  • KCSE Mean Grade of D+

Institutions you can Join include;

  • Kenya Institute of Social Work, Nairobi
  • East African institute of professional counseling, Nairobi
  • Beam International Training Center Nairobi
  • Kenya Institute of Professional Counseling, Kericho
  • Africana College of Professionals, Thika
  • Carlile College, Nairobi

2. Certificate in Community Health Nursing

This course equips students with essential skills to provide healthcare at the community level. Topics include basic nursing care, maternal and child health, and community health education to improve health-seeking behavior and prevent many diseases.


  • Minimum Mean Grade of a D+ in KCSE
  • C- In English or Kiswahili, and Biology
  • D+ in either Physics, Mathematics, or Chemistry.

Institutions you can Join include;

  • Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI)
  • Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) Mombasa, Nairobi, Kabarnet and many other campuses
  • NEP College of Health Sciences
  • Kenya College of Distance Learning, Nairobi
    Consolata Hospital, Nyeri
  • Nakuru Institute of medical sciences and management, Nakuru
  • Catherine McAuley Nursing School, Nairobi
  • University of East Africa, Baraton

3. Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology

The main areas of concentration for medical laboratory technology are medical sample analysis, equipment operation, and laboratory processes. Accurate disease diagnosis and treatment depend on it, and students who complete this course and earn a mean grade of D+ will be able to work in labs all throughout the nation.

A Mean Grade of D+ in KCSE with a D+ in English, Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

Institutions offering this course include;

  • KMTC
  • Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology (RVIST)

4. Certificate in Community Health and Development

Students who complete the course will have the knowledge and abilities necessary to professionally support community health initiatives. This involves encouraging community members to seek out and pursue good health. The colleges in Kenya that offer the course are mentioned below.


  • KCSE mean grade of D+ plus
  • D plain in English or Kiswahili
  • D plain in either mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, physical science, or biological science

Average Course Duration – 1 year

Institutions offering this course

  • Kenya Institute of Social Sciences, Machakos
  • Carlile College, Nairobi
  • Serein Education Cneter, Nakuru
  • Institute of Healthcare Management, Nairobi
  • Bondo University College
  • North Coast Medical Training College, Kilifi
  • Thika Technical Training Institute
  • Karma Training Institute, Isiolo
  • Gretsa University School of Education and Social Sciences

5. Certificate in Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are essential in managing pharmaceuticals, dispensing medications, and providing patient education on drug usage.

Minimum of a D+ in KCSE, with a D+ in either English, Biology, or Chemistry.

Institutions offering this course

  • KMTC
  • Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI)

6. Certificate in Health Records and Information Technology

Students who complete the course on health records and information technology will be able to handle, store, maintain, and retrieve medical records with ease. After completing the course, students can work in hospitals, health insurance firms, the Ministry of Health, or advance to a diploma in health records. Most institutions provide courses for a year.

Mean Grade of D+ in KCSE with a D+ in English and Mathematics.

Institutions offering this course

  • KMTC
  • Kenya Polytechnic University College, Nairobi

7. Certificate in Health Promotion for the Deaf

This program is only available for deaf students and equips them with the ability to offer disease prevention education and services to the deaf. The services can be provided in the English language, any other language, or braille.


  • KCSE mean grade of D+ plus:
  • D+ plus in English or Kenya Sign Language
  • D (Plain) in Biology
  • D (plain) in either Chemistry, Agriculture, General Science, or Mathematics.

Institutions offering this course: KMTC

8. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and dietetics professionals are involved in planning healthy diets, conducting nutritional assessments, and promoting good health through proper nutrition in the community, schools, and hospitals.

A mean Grade D+ in KCSE with a D+ in English and Biology or Home Science.

Institutions offering this course

  • KMTC
  • Thika Technical Training Institute
  • PCEA Tumutumu hospital, Karatina
  • Kenya Institute of Professional Studies, Nairobi
  • Murang’a university college, Murang’a
  • North Eastern National Polytechnic, Garissa
  • Kenya Institute of Development Studies, Nairobi
  • Goshen Medical and Technical College
  • Laisamis Technical and Vocational College, Marsabit
  • Commonwealth College of Medical and Related Studies, Kisumu
  • Spring Hill College of Business and Technology
  • Kenya School of Medical Science and Technology
  • Vitech Training Institute, Nairobi
  • Mount Kenya University School of Health Sciences
  • University of Eastern Africa, Baraton Nairobi Extension Center, Nairobi
  • Kenyatta University Kitui Campus
  • Gretsa University School of Education and Social Sciences, Thika

9. Certificate in Medical Imaging Sciences

This program focuses on medical imaging techniques like X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRI, enabling students to operate imaging equipment and assist radiologists.

Mean Grade- D+ in KCSE with a D+ in Physics, Mathematics, and Biology.

Institutions offering this course

  • Annex Medical Training Center, Nakuru
  • Menengai Medical and Training College, Nakuru
  • PCEA Chogoria Hospital Clive Irvine College of Nursing, Chogoria
  • Academy Computing College, Nairobi


Achieving a D+ in the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) may present challenges in pursuing traditional medical courses due to the high academic qualifications required in the medical field.

However, there are many medical courses that one can qualify with a D+ in Kenya which can enable one to work in healthcare and serve as stepping stones for further education and career growth.

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