Perioperative Theatre Technology Course Requirements

Perioperative Theatre Technology

Perioperative Theatre Technology is a medical program that equips learners with skills and techniques to assist surgeons in the operating room. In this article, we shall look at Perioperative Theatre Technology Course Requirements that includes fees structure, colleges and salary. Professionals in this career are sometimes referred to as Operating Theatre Technicians (OTT). Perioperative Theatre … Read more

14 Best Medical Courses in Kenya for Degree Students

best medical courses in Kenya

This article covers 14 Best medical courses in Kenya for Degree Students. In Kenya, a student must receive at least a C+ on their KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) in order to be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program at a public or private institution. A student must also fulfill the prerequisites for the … Read more

Civil Engineering Course Requirements

civil engineering courses

Currently, among the most marketable courses in Kenya are those in civil engineering. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people are prevented from pursuing careers in this profession because they are unaware of the prerequisites for admittance. So, What are the Best Civil Engineering Course Requirements Civil engineering courses in Kenya are designed to equip aspiring … Read more

Top 10 Marketable Medical Degree Courses in Kenya

Medical Degree Courses

It is well known that universities and several institutions, such as the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC), prepare students for careers in medicine. The majority of students look for the most Marketable Medical Degree Courses in Kenya that would pay them well once they graduate. What are these courses, what are the prerequisites, and how … Read more

6 Months Best Diploma Short Courses

Diploma Short Courses

In Kenya, diploma courses take two to three years, depending on ministry guidelines. However, you can finish a number of Diploma Short Courses in six months. The prerequisites for admission differ based on the particular course you wish to take. In Kenya, there are several 6 Months Best Diploma Short Courses across various fields. This … Read more

Top 15 Frequently Asked Questions About KMTC Courses

Questions About KMTC Courses

KMTC trains various professionals in the health and medical sector at certificate, diploma, and post-basic diploma levels. If you wish to study at this institution, you must familiarize yourself with these Top 15 Frequently asked Questions About KMTC Courses To join KMTC to pursue a Certificate course, you must have a minimum of C- with … Read more

10 Marketable Degree Courses To Pursue in Kenya

Marketable Degree Courses

Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya produce about 800,000 graduates in the job market every year. However, there are minimal opportunities, and many graduates come to reality with the battle of seeking relevant opportunities. Typically, they take quite a long time before they land lucrative jobs. Therefore, there is need to properly advise students seeking to … Read more

Top 10 Best B Plain Courses in Kenya

b plain courses

In Kenya, a B plain is sufficient to get you into some reputable professions. You can obtain employment with ease and make good money if you select the Top 10 Best B plain courses in Kenya. Make sure the education you choose is marketable if you want to be on the correct track. Additionally, keep … Read more

10 Best B Minus Courses in Kenya

b minus courses

You can select from the 10 Best B Minus Courses in Kenya that are both marketable and satisfyingly paying if you have a B- (minus) grade in KCSE. Prominent educational institutions across Kenya provide these programs. Therefore, Kenya Universities and College Placement Service (KUCCPS) will be your choice-making tool. It’s crucial to take into account … Read more

Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by KUCCPS

artisan courses

With over hundred artisan courses available in Kenya to qualified youths, selecting marketable artisan courses can be a daunting task to recently graduated high school students; which is why in this article we have compiled the best Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by Kuccps The artisan course lays the groundwork for your future profession. Technical or … Read more