10 Marketable Degree Courses To Pursue in Kenya

Higher Learning Institutions in Kenya produce about 800,000 graduates in the job market every year. However, there are minimal opportunities, and many graduates come to reality with the battle of seeking relevant opportunities. Typically, they take quite a long time before they land lucrative jobs.

Therefore, there is need to properly advise students seeking to join universities on the most Marketable Degree Courses To Pursue in Kenya

Marketable Degree Courses To Pursue

Given Kenya’s current economic situation, no one would want to graduate from college and then squander their limited time and money looking for a stable job for years. Kenyan universities produce more than 700,000 graduates who enter the workforce each year. But it takes a long time for these graduates to eventually secure a reliable position on college campuses.

It means that job opportunities are less than the potential labor force in most courses taught in universities. However, some degree courses are highly marketable in Kenya and can therefore be considered by students seeking to join university.

The following are some of the 10 Marketable Degree Courses To Pursue in Kenya

1. Medicine and Surgery

In Kenya, this course is possibly one of the most marketable. Although it requires a rigorous learning procedure, graduates are in great demand for it. Opportunities may be few, particularly in the public sector, but this is a very uncommon occurrence.

But if you have the qualifications and the necessary abilities, you can start a clinic or hospital. Additionally, you can look for work in the private sector. A few students even become fully immersed in the workforce prior to their medical school graduation.

2. Civil Engineering

The construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and other related infrastructure is essential to Kenya’s economic progress. As a result, graduates in civil engineering have the opportunity to work in both the public and private sectors, supporting Kenya’s economic growth through construction projects.

3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy is one of the best courses to study in Kenya since you can get a job without struggling once you graduate. It is estimated that the starting salary of a pharmacist in Kenya is about Seventy Thousand Kenya Shillings.

The greatest companies to work for are KEMRI, NASCOP, NACADA, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations. They even take in certain talented students who have not yet received their pharmacy school diplomas. Community pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, and hospital pharmacy are just a few of the numerous job options available.

4. Software Engineering/Web Design

There is a developing need for skilled software developers in the country due to the advancement in technology; this is the reason behind the course being highly marketable.

Software engineering may be a good fit for you if you think you can handle difficult programming and have strong mathematics skills. Additionally, you will be able to find employment for as long as there is a vibrant digital economy.

Software developers typically make between $200k and $500k per month; this is especially the case for large corporations like Google, IBM, and Safaricom, to name a few.

5. Law

To provide high-quality legal services, years of education and carefully chosen talents are required. Due to the increasing number of issues that Kenyans are taking to court, there is a constant need for lawyers in the nation. Corporate law, criminal law, ICT law, and tax law are among the professional pathways that combine to form the field of commercial law.

In Kenya, the average yearly salary for lawyers is Sh 82,000, according to statistics. This study not only makes you marketable but also gives you the opportunity to explore many facets of human life and acquire a variety of talents.

6. Mathematics and Statistics

If you think you are competent in mathematics and science, this course will offer you a job immediately after you graduate; opportunities are all over. Once you possess your degree, you’ll either be employed or become a consultant.

There is increasing demand for data scientists and mathematicians in the country. Statisticians mostly work in research institutions such as colleges and universities. Mathematics is a good choice in addition to statistics, and you can work as a project manager, economist, and risk analyst.

7. Computer Science

Students with strong mathematics and creative ability should take this course. Graduates in computer science are getting more and more valuable in the contemporary error due to the progress of technology in creating new concepts.

This increases demand for the course as a result. You can get hired by tech businesses like Google, KRA, Facebook, EACC, and others by studying the course.

8. Computer Security and Forensics

In today’s digital environment, a lot of technology and digital courses are growing in popularity. One such course is computer security and forensics. It’s clear that practically everything has gone digital: ordering food and clothes, doing banking transactions, and shopping for groceries are all done online.

Cybercrimes are on the rise in tandem with the rise in digitization. Therefore, in order to stop computer hackers, additional security and forensic specialists are required.

9. Accounting

Graduates in accounting are prepared with the necessary knowledge and abilities to function competently in the field with little supervision. The majority of banks, schools, and businesses are affected. You will have lots of options in public accounting, government, business, and entrepreneurship after graduation.

The training is marketable since businesses want individuals with the necessary skills to verify all business transactions in financial accounts.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation

Many people are not familiar with this course, but everyone who takes it will succeed. Because of the course’s uniqueness and the scarcity of experts compared to career options, it is marketable. Few candidates actually show up for interviews

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