Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by KUCCPS

With over hundred artisan courses available in Kenya to qualified youths, selecting marketable artisan courses can be a daunting task to recently graduated high school students; which is why in this article we have compiled the best Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by Kuccps

The artisan course lays the groundwork for your future profession. Technical or TVET programs are available in vocational training centers and technical institutions as artisan courses. Because artisan certificate schools are decentralized, artisan courses are available across Kenya.

For artisan courses, a primary school certificate (KCPE) or a KCSE mean grade of D- (minus) or lower are the prerequisites. In addition, dropouts from secondary schools are eligible for artisan training.

Marketable Artisan Courses

A post-secondary qualification awarded to an artisan upon successful completion of an artisan course is known as an artisan certificate. If you choose to advance and pursue a certificate program, you must enroll in an artisan course.You must enroll in an artisan course at a respectable technical institution or vocational training facility in order to become a competent or successful artisan.

After graduation, you should look for internship possibilities. Establishing a prosperous profession or business as an artisan might be facilitated by the experience gained from industry connections. Through prior learning programs, skilled craftspeople without a formal degree can obtain certification as artisans.

Why Pursue Artisan Course?

Learners who enroll in artisan courses gain practical skills for the workplace or business. Skills obtained through this sort of training can help learners start their own businesses and live a meaningful life.

A learner enrolled in artisan courses is ready to advance to a certificate program. You can pursue a university education without entering a secondary school classroom by earning an artisan course certification. With each level that you successfully finish, you can move up in a connected field.

Artisan Course Requirements and Cost

Both the craft certificate program and the artisan certificate program are technical courses; the only distinction between them is the degree of study required. In other words, on the learning curve, the artisan level is lower than the craft certificate. It takes 1-2 years to complete an artisan course. Mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, and welders are a few examples of various craftspeople.

The requirements for artisan courses is Kenya is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade D- (minus) and below. Those with Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) certificate are also eligible, including secondary school dropouts.

The cost of artisan courses in Kenya varies with the institution; for example, in polytechnics, the cost is around Ksh: 20,000 per year, while in technical colleges, the cost is over Ksh: 60,000/-.

Artisan Courses Qualifications Level

The entry qualification for artisan course is KCPE or KCSE grade D- and below. Artisan certificate qualification is rated at; KNQF level four (4), and is lower than craft certificate.

The difference between artisan certificate and craft certificate is on their education levels. Artisan is level four while craft is level 5 of the KNQA framework.

Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by Kuccps

Selecting the best artisan course is a challenging task for many students and their families. Unfortunately, majority of students and their parents do not carry out enough research when choosing the course to study.

Learners Coach have been providing career guidance for over 10 years to help students study marketable courses with good career opportunities upon graduation.

In brief, the following are the most Marketable Artisan Courses Offered by Kuccps

  • Fine arts
  • Plumbing
  • ICT
  • Interior Design
  • Fashion design and clothing
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Carpentry
  • Building construction/
  • masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Motor vehicle mechanics
  • Beauty therapy and hairdressing

If you Want to study any artisan course under the government sponsored program, then the following is a comprehensive list of the artisan courses offered by the kuccps. The courses are examined by Knec and offered in public and private colleges.

  • Grade III, II and I in Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy
  • Trade test in hair and beauty therapy
  • Artisan in Hair and Beauty Therapy
  • NVCET level I & II in hairdressing and beauty therapy
  • NVCET in hair dressing
  • Trade Test III in Carpentry and Joinery
  • Artisan in Carpentry & Joinery
  • Artisan in plumbing
  • Artisan in plumbing works
  • Artisan in plumbing & building services
  • NVCET in plumbing
  • Grade Test in plumbing
  • Artisan certificate in electrical installation
  • Artisan in electrical engineering
  • Artisan in electrical and electronics
  • Artisan in electrical and electronics technology
  • Trade test in electrical wireman
  • Grade (I, II & III) in electrical wireman
  • Artisan certificate in electrical wireman
  • NVCET in electrical installation
  • NVCET in electrical and electronics technology
  • NVCET level I & II in electrical and electronics
  • Grade test in electrical installation and wiring
  • Grade test III in electrical installation
  • Trade test in electrical engineering
  • Trade test in electrical fitter
  • NVCET in welding
  • Artisan in arc welding
  • Trade test III & I in arc welding
  • Grade III in arc welder
  • Trade test in gas welding
  • Artisan in welding and fabrication
  • Artisan craft in welding and fabrication
  • Trade test in welding & fabrication
  • Trade test grade III in welding
  • Artisan in general agriculture
  • NVCET in modern methods of agriculture (agribusiness development)
  • Artisan certificate in agribusiness
  • NVCET in I and II in agribusiness management
  • NVCET refrigeration and air conditioning/ artisan air conditioning
  • Artisan in Information Communication Technology
  • NVCET in Information Communication Technology/ NVCET (ICT)
  • Trade test/ Artisan in ICT
  • Trade test in leatherwork technology
  • Artisan certificate in food and beverage production and service
  • Artisan in food and beverage production, sales and service
  • Artisan in food and beverage
  • Artisan craft in food & beverage
  • Trade test in food processing
  • Trade test in food processing technology
  • Artisan in food processing technology
  • Artisan certificate in building technology
  • Artisan in building construction technology
  • NVCET in building technology
  • Artisan certificate in motor vehicle mechanics
  • Artisan craft in motor vehicle mechanics
  • Artisan in motor vehicle technology
  • Artisan in automotive vehicle mechanics
  • Artisan in automotive engineering
  • Trade test in automotive vehicle mechanics
  • Trade test in automotive engineering
  • Artisan in motor vehicle electrical (wiring)
  • Artisan in storekeeping/ store keeping
  • Artisan in catering and accommodation
  • Artisan in general fitters
  • Trade test in general fitters
  • Artisan in mechanical engineering
  • Artisan in automotive engineering
  • Artisan in masonry
  • Artisan/ Trade test in masonry
  • Grade III in masonry
  • Trade test in fashion design and garment making
  • Grade III, II & I in tailoring and dress making
  • Artisan in dressmaking and tailoring
  • Grade in garment making
  • Trade test in garment making
  • Trade test in garment making and fashion design
  • Artisan in garment making
  • Artisan craft in garment making
  • Artisan in fashion design and garment making
  • Artisan in fashion design and garment making technology
  • Artisan in fashion & design
  • NVCET in fashion and design
  • NVCET in garment making and fashion design
  • Trade Test in Solar Photovoltaic
  • Trade test in clothing
  • Single and group/ artisan in secretarial studies
  • Artisan in secretarial
  • Artisan in accounting technician


It’s advisable to seek personalized career guidance on artisan programs before committing yourself to a study option. There are so many artisans leading a very successful life as a result of the education they acquired through artisan course certification.

Besides, after a successful completion of an artisan course, you can look for a job, start your own business or can choose to further your education up to university level depending on your interest.

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