10 Best B Minus Courses in Kenya

You can select from the 10 Best B Minus Courses in Kenya that are both marketable and satisfyingly paying if you have a B- (minus) grade in KCSE. Prominent educational institutions across Kenya provide these programs. Therefore, Kenya Universities and College Placement Service (KUCCPS) will be your choice-making tool.

It’s crucial to take into account options that play to your strengths and abilities. If you’re seeking for courses to choose from that have a B-(minus), this article has you covered.

Top 10 Best B Minus Courses

Having a B minus means that you qualify for a lot of programs offered by the leading institutions in Kenya. Because of this, you may have trouble deciding amongst the best programs that the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) requires.

To avoid tarmacking, you should consider some of the country’s marketable fields when making these choices.

So, what are the best courses for B- students?

Below are the 10 Best B Minus Courses in Kenya. We have included the details of the requirement for easy evaluation and judgment.

1.Dental Surgery

This is a highly marketable B- (minus) course that is among the best in Kenya. The course requires five years to complete. A student becomes a dental surgeon after graduating. The curriculum covers a range of topics related to dental issues and related surgeries. In the medical industry, this is the best paying career.

Because dental hygiene is becoming more and more important, there is an increasing demand for surgeons. The number of persons seeking dental care is rising. In addition to working at a private or public hospital, you can also start your own consultation dentistry practice and make additional money.


  • B+ (plus) in Biology/ Chemistry and either Mathematics or Physics
  • B+ (plus) in Kiswahili/ English
  • 40 weighted cluster points

2. Nursing

It is the study of nursing concepts and science. This program requires four years of study at an approved postsecondary institution. A degree in nursing can equip a student for a wide range of professional opportunities. These include nursing science, research, leadership, and associated fields.

Higher compensation options and job progression prospects are provided by the training. In private offices, hospitals, and clinics, nurses play crucial responsibilities. Despite the fact that nurses are more than doctors, nursing is a very desirable occupation because there are so many hospitals in the nation that require nursing personnel.


  • English or Kiswahili C+ (plus)
  • Physics or Mathematics C+ (plus)
  • Any Biological Sciences and Chemistry C+ (plus)

3. Aerospace Science

The design, construction, and operation of airplanes can benefit from the scientific knowledge and abilities that this course helps students acquire. At least four to five years of study is required. If you have a passion for math and science, this is the best option.

Data processing managers, mechanical engineers, aeronautical technicians, and many more occupations are available in this industry. These technicians in this inductry are always in short supply which makes the course marketable.


  • Minimum of B- (minus) in Physics or Mathematics
  • C+ (plus) in English and Geography/Chemistry

4. Physical Therapy

This course is non-clinical because it covers the kinds of drugs, treatments, and physical activities that are necessary while providing care for sick people. It takes four years minimum to complete the program.

By offering programs that help people at all stages of life achieve and retain their maximal range of mobility, it promotes optimal health. Physicians are not the same as physical therapists. The increasing number of hospitals and individuals in need of this expert assistance makes the course extremely marketable as well.


  • A minimum grade of C+ (plus), but preferably B- (minus)
  • C+ (plus) in Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English, or Kiswahili

5. Animal Science

Because of the growing use of animal products, this is one of the most marketable programs in Kenya. Students who complete it should have a basic understanding of physiology, nutrition, breeding, and animal health in general.

In this course, a student can major in zoology, veterinary medicine, or the food industry. Possessing an animal science degree can help you land rewarding jobs at engaging organizations that you’ll love working for. Four years are needed for a bachelor’s degree program.


  • B-(minus) aggregate grade
  • C+ (plus) in Mathematics, Biology, Business Studies, and Agriculture

6. Computer Science

Unlike computer engineers, professionals in this discipline work with software systems. Key computer science subjects covered in the course include networking, databases, coding, programming languages, mathematics, statistics, and electronics. Students that follow this course are appreciated because of the lucrative employment prospects, even though it demands a lot of analytical skills.

Students who appreciate problem-solving and mathematics should take this course. There is a great need for careers in this industry. Although it takes four years, the investment is certainly worth it. Additionally, one can work for themselves and be outsourced by large corporations.


  • B+ (plus) in either Mathematics or Physics
  • Minimum of C+ (plus) in Physical or Biological Sciences
  • C+ (plus) in English or Kiswahili

7. Real Estate Management

The course covers the principles of real estate and local and worldwide housing associations. It’s a chance to learn about real estate finance and strategic management. As a result, students who are interested in these abilities need to devote their time and effort to earning this degree.

In the real estate industry, most industries are in demand. This is due to the fact that a real estate manager’s abilities are useful since individuals are searching for office spaces in cities and other urban regions to invest in. In this branch of studies, the most common job paths are those of auctioneers, buyer’s agents, business brokers, and property managers.


  • Aggregate Grade of B- (minus)
  • C+ (plus) in Mathematics, Physics or any Group 2, 3 or 4 subjects

8. Construction Management

Upon graduation, you can be a building surveyor, site engineer, sustainability consultant, facilities manager, and building services technician. With buildings popping out every day, you can quickly secure employment.

The requirements are as follows: B- aggregate C+ in either Mathematics, Biology/Physics, or Group 3 subject (History, Geography, CRE, IRE, and HRE), or Group 2 (Biology and Chemistry), or Group 4 (Home Science, Aviation Technology, Agriculture and Computer studies) or Group 5 (Business Studies, French, Germany, Arabic, and Music).

9. Industrial Mathematics

The duty of creating mathematical models and using them in science, industry, and engineering falls to this specialists. You can work as a market analyst, data manager, actuary, accountant, analyst, lecturer, and in dozens of other professions after pursuing further short courses.

The degree is very marketable because of this. The following criteria must be met: C+ aggregate minimum

10. Environmental Health

The course’s objective is to prevent illness or injury to individuals by identifying and assessing potentially harmful environmental chemicals. Nowadays, the majority of businesses in this industry—including Mabati Rolling Mills, Safai Groups, and hospitals like Agha Khan—are in desperate need of the services of doyens.

The requirements are as follows: Minimum of B- aggregate B- Biology, English and Chemistry B- in either Physics or Maths 32 weighted cluster points and above

The above 10 courses come in handy when making course choices via KUCCPS after attaining the B- (minus) grade in KCSE. All the best as you purpose to select your courses.

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