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If you are knowledgeable in any field be it design, photography, ICT, health and fitness, business, personal development, music, fashion, technology, writing or another topic, thousands of students may be waiting, eager to learn from your course. So why don’t you join us on board

Before You Start

Have a clear idea of who your learner is. What knowledge and skills do they have already? How should your module be designed to be most appropriate for their learning needs? Always keep in your mind’s eye a mental image of your learner sitting at the computer studying your module.

Create Valuable Course Content

Course content is any informational material that is required for participation or understanding content such as assigned readings, video recordings, exams, and any other material needed for learning. A great online course, created with passion and packed with valuable professional, life- or recreational skills, can be life-changing for its consumers.

As a digital product it brings prestige to its author – who is no longer a mere seller, but elevated into the role of a teacher. And of course (pun intended), selling a great course can be profitable too.Plan Your Course Content and Schedule accordingly

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