Word Processor2 – Using Microsoft Word

A word processor is an application that is used to manipulate text and apply a basic design to your pages. The goal of this module is to give learners skills in the creation of documents, in preparation for printing or online distribution.

SESSION 4A: Formatting Pictures, Textboxes and Footers

Learning Outcomessession4a learning outcomes

In order to make a document to be appealing and with extra information, text editors do allow the inclusion of photos/pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Class Files: Titus ;wordprocessorsimages

Class Notes: Module3 Word Processors SESSION 4A

SESSION 4B: Background Formatting

Learning Outcomes
session4b learning outcomes

Class Notes: Module3 Word Processors SESSION 4B

SESSION 5A: WordArt and 3DText Formatting

SESSION 5B: Formatting for Professional Presentation

Learning Outcomes
session5b learning outcomes

Class Files: None
Class Notes: Module3 Word Processors SESSION 5B

SESSION 6A: Mail Merge

Learning Outcomes
session6a learning outcomes

Class Files: Fees Letter ;Mailing List
Class Notes: Module3 Word Processors SESSION 6A

SESSION 6B: Advanced Formatting and Table of Content

Learning Outcomes
session6b learning outcomes

Class Files: Research ;Preamble

Class Notes: Module3 Word Processors SESSION 6B


Special Instructions
This document consists of practical Questions in Three sections; Section A, B and C. Section A tests your practical knowledge in word processing using MS word. Section B covers database skills using MS access and Section C handles presentation activities using MS PowerPoint.

Attempt all questions in every Section.

Answers to all Questions in all the Sections should be saved in your classwork folder. Please rename your class folder to reflect your first and Last Names.

  1. PLEASE save your work in the folders as outlined in no. 2
  2. Create three subfolders in your class folder and name them Section A, Section B and Section C respectively
  3. Save all your workings and solutions in the subfolders accordingly i.e. all workings for questions in section A should be saved in subfolder A and all solutions for B to be saved in sub folder B etc.
  4. ALWAYS show your working by saving every solution.
  5. Marks indicated in parenthesis i.e. ( ) will be awarded for clear and logical answers.
  6. Make sure you zip/compress your class folder before you submit. SEND TO (john21sag@gmail.com)
  7. Download LinkICT Project  – Information Systems
  8. CAT Mock PaperEx Candidate Mock Paper

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