10 Best TVET Technical Courses To Pursue After Secondary School

What are the best TVET Technical courses to pursue after secondary school? Whether you recently graduated from secondary school and are considering a technical course or you just earned a college degree and want something more specific to add to your resume, the TVET Technical courses mentioned in this article can help get you there.

Best TVET Technical Courses To Pursue

The best TVET technical courses in Kenya have become increasingly popular with time. There are numerous best tvet technical courses in Kenya to pursue after secondary school. The programmes are offered in several tertiary institutions and universities. Therefore, it is vital to identify the schools offering it before deciding which course to pursue.

1. Food Production

The economy of Kenya is heavily reliant on food production. As a result, there is a constant need for graduates with these credentials. The training covers methods for making and serving scrumptious food and drinks. One of the greatest technical programs for women in Kenya is offered here.

This is the course for you if you want to be highly competent in the hotel industry.

You can pursue a diploma in food production at the following TVET institutions in Kenya:

  • Nairobi Aviation College
  • Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology
  • Panorama College of Business Studies
  • Masinga Institute of Professional Studies
  • Jodan College of Technology

2. TV and Film Production

You are eligible to pursue TV and Film Production diploma with a grade of C-minus or better. This course is for you if you have a strong interest in the entertainment sector. There are many work chances for you in the television industry because it is expanding and changing all the time. This makes it one of the most worthwhile technical courses to take. The course is enjoyable and provides you with a glimpse into how movies and television shows are produced.

In Kenya, this course is offered in the following institutions.

  • Africa Digital Media Institute
  • Multimedia University
  • Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
  • Institute of Media and Technology
  • Mt Kenya University

3. Building and Construction

Kenya is rapidly becoming an urban nation. The size of its towns and cities is increasing. As a result, there has been a rise in the infrastructure and building development of rural areas. The demand for skilled building and construction personnel has increased as a result. Therefore, one of the highest earning certificates in Kenya is one in building and construction.

You can find this course in the schools below:

  • PC Kinyanjui Training Institute
  • Wote Technical Training Institute
  • Mombasa Institute of Technology
  • Muranga University

4. Culinary Arts

The food sector is a consistent contributor to the economy. Therefore, whether you’re interested in working in hotels or the food industry in general, a culinary arts diploma will be useful. Following your education, you can work as a head cook, executive chef, or restaurant manager.

You can find the above course in the institutions below:

  • Boma International Hospitality College
  • Machakos Hospitality and Technical College
  • Kenyatta University
  • Tsavo Institute of Technology

5. Mechanical Engineering

The best technical programs are offered in mechanical engineering. The program is about managing systems and machines. Because of this, it is extremely technical, and the requirements for a diploma and a degree are generally comparable.

Mechanical engineers work in the designing of machinery and system. If this is the course for you, it is offered in the following institutions;

  • University of Nairobi
  • Technical University of Kenya
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Multimedia University

6. Welding and Fabrication

In Kenya, obtaining a certification or certificate in welding and fabrication is still a viable technical option. You can enroll and study the course with a D+. The program has been digitalized, and its curriculum includes joining and welding techniques. Additionally, you will study computerized welding and manufacturing methods for huge machinery.

In Kenya, this course is offered in the following institutions:

  • Kenya Industrial Training Institute
  • Maasai Mara Technical Vocational College

7. Information Technology

Technology is constantly changing. Information processing and storing techniques are being improved. A certificate or degree in information technology will therefore place you in a strong market. Regarding information and technology, there are many alternatives.

Where can I apply for a diploma or degree in information technology? Here are some institutions that offer the programme.

  • Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
  • University of Nairobi
  • KCA University
  • Muranga University

8. Motor Vehicle Systems

This course will provide you with in-depth knowledge if you have a fascination for automobiles and their workings. There is the option of specialization, and it has grown in popularity over time. You can specialize in things like gearbox overhaul, heavy vehicle technologies, and vehicle servicing.

In Kenya, a diploma in Motor vehicles systems is offered in:

  • Railway Training Institute
  • Eldoret Polytechnic
  • Thika Institute of Business Studies

9. Electrical Engineering

This course is for you if you have a passion for electrical work and equipment. In Kenya, it is mostly available as a bachelor’s degree or a diploma. It is one of the greatest technical courses available today. If you wish to go into engineering, electrical engineering might be a great choice.

It is offered in several colleges and institutions in Kenya, including:

  • Dedan Kimathi University
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • University of Nairobi

10. Agriculture, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

The core of Kenya’s economy is agriculture. Therefore, there is a continuing need for professionals in agriculture. A diploma in irrigation, drainage, and agriculture engineering is employable. You will graduate from the program with the abilities and information need to succeed in the field. It encompasses a broad range of irrigation and drainage techniques and systems.

Check out the following institutions which offer this diploma.

  • Kenya Water Institute
  • Bukura Agriculture College


There are over 1,400 registered TVET institutions in Kenya, and they all offer a lot of courses for you to choose from, but only 278 courses out of them all are approved by the TVETA.

Which means you should be careful on the course that you decide to pursue in a TVET institution so that you don’t end up pursuing a course that has not been approved by the TVET Authority.

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