Top 8 Marketable Diploma in Business Courses

The ​Top 8 Marketable Diploma in Business Courses are designed to produce graduates equipped to function in entry-level Diploma positions with a strong foundation for continued career growth.

When you make a decision to do a business course in Kenya, there is a need to do an in-depth research to determine the Marketable Diploma in Business Courses to pursue. You may be surprised to learn that the most sought after Diploma in Business Courses are not the best and the best may have few graduates.

Therefore, there are a few marketable Diploma in Business Courses accessible in Kenya that can help you realize your goals, whether you are just starting out in your profession or looking to enhance your abilities further.

Top 8 Marketable Diploma in Business Courses

These ​Top 8 Marketable Diploma in Business Courses mentioned in this article combines conceptual knowledge in key disciplinary areas with strong technical knowledge required for workplace performance.

The courses have a strong emphasis on project work thus building the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed by Business Management professionals.

So, in this article you will learn about the Top 8 Marketable Diploma in Business Courses

1. Diploma in Human Resource Management

This Diploma course assists a professional interested in advancing their HR career obtain the knowledge and skills required to successfully fulfill the role of human resources generalist.

The course material is created to represent the human resource role’s most recent tasks and responsibilities. The goal of this diploma is to provide a thorough understanding of the HR’s job.

Graduates are equipped to communicate with experts in specialized human resources fields with confidence and to positively impact the HR function inside enterprises.

2. Diploma in Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing professionals are in high demand nationwide and are perhaps the only ones who will ever work because no company can survive without them. Because many people cannot survive the demanding nature of the job, salesmen will always be in demand in a variety of organizations, including SACCOs, manufacturing enterprises, and insurance companies.

You should have effective marketing tools to close sales if you’re a sales and marketing expert. Your prospects of finding work as a marketing officer, consultant, sales representative, or customer service representative, among other positions, will be considerably increased by earning a sales and marketing diploma.

3. Diploma in Project Management

Become a professional capable of executing and managing operations in procurement, warehousing, and transportation of goods in a global market and business environment. You will learn to identify components of supply chain such as facilities (warehouses and factories), inventory, transportation, pricing among others, and the tools used to evaluate them.

Some of the institutions offering diploma in sales and marketing include: University of Nairobi, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), JKUAT, KCA University, Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)

4. Diploma in Business Information Technology (BIT)

This program teaches you how to design and manage business systems, business programs, and enterprise databases.Kenya’s business environment is rapidly changing, and organizations need professionals with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their information systems.

Furthermore, the course provides you with a wide range of ICT skills, and you could end up working as an ICT officer, system administrator, or ICT technician, among other positions. And, if you work hard and become proficient in programming, you might end up working as a software engineer (one of the most in-demand ICT jobs).

5. Certified Public Accountant (CPA K)

This is a specialist course developed to get students ready to become certified accountants. It is a credential that is in high demand, especially in the accounting and financial industries. Aside from that, a lot of companies and organizations depend on qualified accountants to handle their financial matters, which include tax preparation, auditing, and financial analysis.

Furthermore, as the demand for financial services in Kenya grows, so does the demand for skilled and qualified CPAs.Therefore, there are numerous opportunities for CPAs in public accounting firms, private companies, and government organizations.

6. Diploma in Public Relations and Creative Advertising

Many companies and organizations rely on competent specialists to manage their public image and advertising since public relations and creative advertising are key components of marketing. With this diploma, you can get employment as an advertising executive, front desk clerk, public relations officer, business development officer, multimedia designer, or social media sales executive.

Effective marketing and public relations techniques will be more in demand as Kenya’s economy develops and becomes more competitive. But bear in mind that the employment market can be incredibly competitive, and your success will depend on your capacity to differentiate yourself from other applicants. Therefore, in order to improve your chances of finding employment in the sector, it is essential to develop your skills, network, and experience.

Some of the institutions offering diploma in sales and marketing include: University of Nairobi, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), JKUAT, KCA University, Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS), Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS)

7. Diploma in Business Management

The day-to-day management of an organization’s operations, creation of business strategy, and team-leading are the responsibilities of professionals in this discipline. Additionally, a lot of companies demand formal business management training from their staff, so having a business management degree can provide you an edge in the employment market.

You can also follow a range of professional pathways with this diploma, including those in operations management, finance, marketing, and human resource management. Applications are accepted for positions like operations manager, business analyst, marketing manager, human resource manager, and financial analyst.

8. Diploma in Purchasing & Supplies

This programme will offer skills necessary to build successful careers in procurement industry by providing a conceptual foundation in Supply Chain management, logistics and procurement. Beyond the classroom, students also gain exposure through practical training in top notch facilities, participate in varsity career seminars, class excursions and undertake industrial attachment.

Career Opportunities:

  • Supply Chain Officer
  • Logistics Analyst
  • Procurement Officer
  • Supply Management Analyst
  • New Product
  • Procurement Planner
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager

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