Top 5 Programming Languages To Learn in Kenya Before 2030

In this article, I have covered the best top 5 programming languages to learn in Kenya before 2030. From my end, several factors determines the final choice when making your decision on which programing language to settle on or learn, just like the difficulty level you’re willing to dedicate your time in , the talents you already possess which may align with a particular programming language, and your reasons for learning a programing language .

As an ICT specialist and a lecturer , I might encourage those that have an interest in learning new language to start out from beginners level. Whether you would like to develop a mobile application, get a certification for programming knowledge, or learn new skills, you would like to settle on the proper programing language to learn.

Below you’ll find several popular programming languages that are in demand immediately among employers in Kenya. For each, you’ll find a touch about the language and therefore the complexity, also as how it’s used.

However, don’t let the beginner level discourage you. Even a programing language described as appropriate for a beginner does get more complicated as you become better and experienced in using it.


Python may be termed as a general purpose, dynamic, high-level, and interpreted programing language . It supports Object Oriented programming approach to develop applications. It is simple and straight forward to find out and provides many high-level data structures.

Python is straight forward to understand yet powerful and versatile scripting language, which makes it attractive for Application Development.Python’s syntax and dynamic typing with its interpreted nature make it a perfect language for scripting and rapid application development.

Why Learn Python

Python is one among the foremost commonly used programming languages in Kenya today and is a simple language for beginners to use due to its readability. It is a free, open-source programing language with extensive support modules and community development, easy integration with web services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications.

It is a well-liked programing language in Kenya for machine learning and deep learning applications. Python is employed to develop 2D imaging and 3D animation packages like Blender, Inkscape, and Autodesk. It has also been used to create popular video games, including Civilization IV and Toontown.

Python makes the event and debugging fast because there’s no compilation step included in Python development, and edit-test-debug cycle is extremely fast. The approximate annual salary of a Python developer is $92,000 across the globe.


Java is a programming language and a platform. Java is a high level, robust, object-oriented and secure programing language . Java was developed by Sun Microsystems (which is now the subsidiary of Oracle) within the year 1995.

With the growing importance of web based and mobile based applications in Kenya, Java today is forms the foundation for many networked applications and is taken into account to be useful for scripting, web-based content, enterprise software, games and mobile applications.

Why learn Java?

Java is widely utilized in web and application development also known as Big Data. Java is additionally utilized in the backend of several popular websites, including Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. It is also extensively used in hundreds of applications.

New Java frameworks like Spring, Struts, and Hibernate also are very fashionable . With many Java developers worldwide, there are many texts available for learning Java programming


JavaScript is an open source & hottest client side scripting language supported by all browsers. JavaScript is employed mainly for enhancing the interaction of a user with the webpage.

Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one among the three core technologies of the planet Wide Web. It is also used at the front of several popular websites like Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon. Moreover, it is used in popular web frameworks like AngularJS, Node.js, and React.JS.

Javascript offer advantages like:

  • Show dynamic content supported the user profile.
  • React to user’s operations, like mouse clicks events, key presses or pointer movements.
  • Support features like auto-validated form entries and interactive drop-down menus.
  • Send requests to remote servers, Upload and download files.
  • JavaScript code also can create movement and sound
  • Ask inquiries to the users, Get and set cookies, show messages, switch browser tabs.

4. C#

C-SHARP (C#) is known as a general purpose, multi-paradigm programing language developed by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework. C# is widely used for building mobile applications, games and windows applications.

Why learn C#

It’s best fitted to applications on Windows, Android, and iOS because it takes the assistance of the integrated development environment product, Microsoft Visual C++. C# is employed within the backend of several popular websites like Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and Market Watch.

5. C++

C++ is recognized as a general-purpose object-oriented programing language . C++ is extremely almost like C. C++ is such a lot compatible with C that it’ll probably compile over 99% of C programs without changing a line of ASCII text file . Though, C++ may be a lot well-structured and safer language than C because it is OOPs based.

Is C++ best programming language  in Kenya?

The answer depends on perspective and requirements. Some tasks are often wiped out C++, though not very quickly. for instance , designing GUI screens for applications.

Other languages like Visual Basic, Python have GUI design elements built into them. Therefore, they’re better fitted to GUI sort of task.

Some of the scripting languages that provide extra programmability to applications. like MS Word and even photoshop tend to be variants of Basic, not C++.

C++ remains used widely, and therefore the most famous software have their backbone in C++.

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