Top 5 Best Universities To Study Computer Science In Kenya

The prime philosophy of studying Computer Science in Kenya is to impart and foster students with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes for professional excellence and Competencies in computer science theories and practice areas through quality teaching,
research and innovation.

The dynamic and emerging trends in Information, Communication and Technologies (ICTs) developments has made computer science to be in high demand and several universities in Kenya are teaching the course.

In the fast-growing computer industry, you need the best high tech education to succeed. In this article, I have listed Top 5 Best Universities To Study Computer Science In Kenya.

1. University of Nairobi

University of Nairobi computer science curriculum seeks to train computer scientists who can use the gained knowledge and practical skills to innovate computer based solutions to the emerging global challenges and opportunities.

The course aims to;

  • Facilitate acquisition, adoption and adaptation of Computer Science knowledge, techniques and tools.
  • Develop graduates with the ability to apply Computer Science knowledge, skills, techniques and tools to create best-possible solutions to practical problems of varying complexity, in a wide range of contexts.
  • Develop graduates who are innovative and creative, who possess good problem-solving skills and are capable of life-long learning.
  • Develop all-rounded graduates with demonstrable ethical and professional behavior, and who possess effective communication, management, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills.

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2. Strathmore University

The Bachelor of Informatics and Computer Science programme offered at Strathmore University, provides the best option. The programme helps students prepare for success not only in careers, but also throughout a broad range of other fields and interests.

The course is structured to meet the qualification needs and skill requirements of the growing computer and software industry.

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3. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

Jkuat’s BSc. Computer Science course emphasizes the architecture of both the hardware and software, converting a typical Computer from a box of electronics into a sophisticated information processing tool.

It focuses on the ways in which computer hardware and software are constructed, and provide an insight into the purpose of each of the major computing systems.

Admission Requirements: KCSE mean grade A (plain) and an average grade of A- (minus) in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

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4. Maseno University

Maseno University offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree programme that aims to provide knowledge and skills for understanding, developing and applying concepts, principles and techniques of computing and computer systems design.

The programme also aims to prepare students for further self-development and/or pursuit of research or graduate studies in computer science.

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5. Riara University

In RU, the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science programme is guided by a belief and appreciation of the fact that nurturing individuals who are able to apply computer science and other computing technologies with ethical values and national pride, will not only make them contribute to their own individual success but also enrich and transform the lives of others.

Why study BCS in Riara University?

The course is structured to meet the dynamic business and industry needs by providing a solution oriented approach to learning. Practical aspects are also emphasized to ensure that the graduates are equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills.

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Studying computer science course in Kenya is a smart move in today’s world; the career opportunities for computer science graduates are expanding every year. So, if you want to be an ICT expert or computer guru, you have to pursue your studies at the above mentioned well known universities in Kenya. Remember that only a few universities in Kenya offer quality training in Computer Science and IT related courses.

Take note that almost all the universities in Kenya offer training in IT and Computer Science, but the quality of education in some of these Universities is wanting.

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