Top 10 In Demand Information Technology Skills in Kenya

Possessing the right combination of technical expertise in Kenya such as soft skills and practical experience can help you impress potential employers and land a high-paying job in one of the fastest growing fields in information technology.

To keep up, IT pros in Kenya must actively seek IT skills that are in high demand. These in-demand skills will keep you competitive and functioning well into your IT career, regardless of what the future holds.

This is a time for IT professionals to level up tech skill sets by obtaining specific competencies with these Top 10 In Demand Information Technology Skills in Kenya

1. Machine Learning Skills

Jobs in Kenya requesting for machine learning skills will grow by 71 percent over the next five years, with employers paying average premiums of 1.4 million Kenya shillings to successful applicants.

IT pros should start with software engineering, system design, computer science fundamentals and programming. These competencies help IT pros find patterns in data.

2. Artificial Intelligence Skills

To strengthen their artificial intelligence (AI) skills, which are key in future, IT specialists in Kenya should seek knowledge of programming languages and data engineering.

Additionally, learning about natural language processing (NLP), a branch of AI, will also be helpful to IT pros who want to add weight to their resume.

3. Cloud Computing Skills

With a huge amount of business moving online in Kenya, every segment of the cloud grew during the pandemic including—software as a service (Saas), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS)— creating across-the-board demand for skilled IT professionals.

Cloud computing skills, such as configuration, deployment, security for cloud services, management and troubleshooting will be essential to IT pros in Kenya since cloud computing can help reduce capital expenditures by 38%.

4. Data Science Skills

Organizations in Kenya need employees who can interpret raw data and transform it into usable feedback that enables them to create better products and services.

Learning to work with a variety of programming languages like (SAS, R and Python, for example) can help IT pros do this.

5. Programming Language Skills

Even in the rapidly changing IT job market in Kenya, software developers are still in peak demand, especially full-stack pros with cutting edge skills.

To say that understanding programming languages, such as Java, Javascript, C++ and Python is an IT skill currently in demand is an understatement. Every IT pro in Kenya should work to strengthen these top skills in 2022 and beyond.

6. Mobile Application Skills

Organizations in Kenya are increasingly turning to mobile app solutions to expand their customer reach during the coronavirus pandemic and of course this will be the new normal of how businesses will operate.

Understanding application programming interface (API) development platforms and cross-platform app development frameworks enable IT specialists to help companies in Kenya develop mobile applications and create the solutions they need during this confucing times.

7. Soft Skills

In addition to technical skills, IT pros in Kenya should bring a variety of soft skills to the table going forward. Adaptability, empathy, teamwork, communication and active listening are just as important to employers as tech skills are.

With that in mind, building and strengthening soft skills should be a top priority for IT specialists in Kenya.

8. Cybersecurity Skills

The COVID-19 pandemic has made companies in kenya more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime. There were 2,935 publicly reported security breaches in the first three quarters of 2020, making it the “worst year on record for cyber crime”

By arming themselves with cybersecurity skills, like risk identification and management, IT pros can help keep organizations’ sensitive data safe.

9. Data Analytics Skills

An Information Technology pro well-versed in data analytics in Kenya has the ability to examine raw data and reach conclusions that enable companies to get better business results.

As a top IT skill in demand for coming years, it is vital that tech specialists learn the art of data analytics. Gaining some of the skills listed earlier, such as machine learning skills, SQL skills and language programming skills will strengthen your data analytics skill set.

10. Big Data Skills

Big data enables companies in Kenya to analyze huge amounts of data and make better business decisions. IT skills in demand that are related to big data include effective problem-solving skills, data handling skills and understanding programming languages. By pursuing these competencies, IT pros can advance their career

As the number of connected devices grows, businesses have increasingly large, diverse data sets to collect and analyze and not enough people with the skill sets to do it. With big data and IoT converging, it’s no wonder that data scientist, data engineer and data analyst top numerous lists of highest paying jobs in Kenya.

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