Best Research Topics For High School Students

The Best Research Topics For High School Students will help you write your paper by providing a guideline not only for your research, but for the overall structure of your paper. That is why finding a good topic is so important. A good research topic forms the basis of your research, but it also suggests a good structure that develops well into a thesis sentence, which then keeps your entire paper on track.

Composing a research paper can be a daunting task for first-time researchers. In addition to making sure you’re using concise language and your thoughts are organized clearly, you need to find Best Research Topics For High School Students

Best Research Topics For High School Students

High school research paper topics are not the only thing that students must think of before selecting one and writing their paper. A strong topic will enable you to establish a rapport with the evaluating audience, in this example, your instructors and peers. However, a lot of students have trouble coming up with good high school research ideas.

This is why we’ve put together this guide on choosing the Best Research Topics For High School Students and over 50 topic ideas you can use or get inspired with.

1. Entrepreneurship Research Topics

Many students struggle with having to find good entrepreneurship research paper ideas for high school. Below are 10 interesting research paper topics that will help you engage with your entrepreneurship project

  1. What Is Entrepreneurship?
  2. Are People Born With An Entrepreneurial Spirit, Or Can You Learn It?
  3. Discuss The Major Entrepreneurship Theories
  4. Does Entrepreneurship Affect The Growth Of The Economy?
  5. Which Character Traits Are Commonly Found In Successful Entrepreneurs?
  6. The Pros And Cons Of Having A Traditional Job And Being An Entrepreneur
  7. Discuss Entrepreneurship As One Of The Solutions To Unemployment
  8. What Is Crowdfunding, And How It’s Related To Entrepreneurship
  9. The Most Common Challenges Entrepreneurs Face
  10. How Social Media Made A Lot Of Successful Entrepreneurs

2. Research Topics in Education

If you are interested in education, you should consider choosing an education research topic for high school students. Below you can find ten topics you can use as inspiration.

  1. Should High Schools Impose Mandatory Vaccination On Students?
  2. The Benefits Of Charter Schools For The Public Education System
  3. Homeschooling Vs. Traditional Schooling: Which One Better Sets Students For Success
  4. Should Public Education Continue To Promote Diversity? Why?
  5. The Most Beneficial Funding Programs For Students
  6. The Effects Of The Rising Price Of College Tuitions On High School Students
  7. Discuss The Most Noteworthy Advantages And Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing
  8. What Are The Alternatives To Standardized Testing?
  9. Does Gap Year Between High School And College Set Students For Success?
  10. Identify And Discuss The Major Benefits Of Group Projects For High Schoolers

3. Environmental Research Topics

For a while now, the environment has been a heated topic. You can establish logical inferences and support your views with a ton of research. You can choose from the following environmental high school study topics.

  1. What Is The Impact Of Offshore Drilling On The Environment?
  2. Do We Need Climate Change Legislation? Why?
  3. Are Ecotourism And Tropical Fishing Viable Ways To Save And Recuperate Endangered Areas And Animals?
  4. The Impact Of Disposable Products On The Environment
  5. Discuss The Benefits Of Green Buildings To Our Environment
  6. Find And Discuss A Large-Scale Recent Project That Helped Restore Balance In An Area

4. Mental Health Research Topics

Many governments worldwide work on increasing mental health awareness. The following mental health topics for high school research papers will put you in a position to contribute to this very important movement.

  1. Discuss The Main Ways Stress Affects The Body
  2. Can Daily Exercises Benefit Mental Health? How?
  3. Should More Counselors Work In High Schools? Why?
  4. Discuss The Major Factors That Contribute To Poor Mental And Physical Well-Being
  5. In What Ways Has The Worldwide Pandemic Affected People’s Mental Health?
  6. Explore The Relationship Between Social Media And Mental Health Disorders
  7. How The Public School System Cares For The Mental Health Of Students
  8. What Is The Most Effective Psychotherapy For High Schoolers?

5. Healthcare Research Topics

If you are interested in healthcare, you should consider choosing a healthcare topic for high school students. Below you can find ten topics you can use as inspiration.

  1. What are the responsible limits on abortion, if any?
  2. How does an MRI machine work?
  3. Analyze the effects of medical marijuana use on:
    1. Elderly populations
    2. Health
    3. The education system
  4. How do anti-vaxxers affect the health of the country?
  5. Analyze the costs and benefits of diet culture.
  6. Should companies allow employees to exercise on company time?
  7. What is an adequate amount of exercise for an adult per week/per month/per day?
  8. Discuss the effects of the obesity epidemic on Kenyan society.

6. Science Research Topics

Science is one of those fields where there is always something new you can research. If you need a science research topic for high school students, feel free to use any of the following.

  1. How Can Civilization Save Coral Reefs?
  2. What Are Black Holes, And What Is Their Role?
  3. Explain Sugar Chemistry That Enables Us To Make Candies
  4. What Are The Biggest Successes Of The Epa In The Last Decade?
  5. Is There A Way To Reverse Climate Change? How?
  6. What Solutions Does Science Offer To Resolve The Drinking Water Crisis In The Future?

7. Research Topics on Technology

  1. How will artificial intelligence (AI) change our lives?
  2. What are the pros and cons of cryptocurrency?
  3. How has social media affected the way people relate with each other?
  4. Should social media have an age restriction?
  5. Discuss the importance of source software.
  6. What is more relevant in today’s world: mobile apps or websites?
  7. How will fully autonomous vehicles change our lives?
  8. How is text messaging affecting teen literacy?

8. Music Industry Research Topics

  1. Discuss and analyze the impacts of a famous musician on pop music.
  2. How has pop music evolved over the past decade?
  3. How has the portrayal of women in music changed in the media over the past decade?
  4. How does a synthesizer work?
  5. How has music evolved to feature different instruments/voices?
  6. How has sound effect technology changed the music industry?
  7. Analyze the benefits of music education in high schools.

9. World History Research Topics

World history is rich, fun, and engaging. There are numerous attractive topics to choose from. If history is something that has you on your toes, you’ll find the following world history research topics for high school fascinating.

  1. The Origin Of The Israel-Palestine Conflict And Possible Resolutions
  2. The History Of The USA Occupation Of Iraq
  3. Choose A Famous Assassinated World Leader And Discuss What Led To The Assassination
  4. Discuss A Historical Invention And How It Changed The Lives Of People Worldwide
  5. Has The World’s Leading Countries’ Response To Climate Change Improved Or Declined Over The Last Decade?
  6. How The President Of Belarus Manages To Stay In Power For Over 25 Years
  7. Which Event In World History Had The Most Impact On Your Country?
  8. Choose a historical invention and discuss its impact on society today.
  9. Choose a famous historical leader who lost power—what led to their eventual downfall?
  10. How has your country evolved over the past century?

10. Research Topics on Media

  1. Does the media portray minorities realistically?
  2. Does the media reinforce stereotypes?
  3. Why have podcasts become so popular?
  4. Will streaming end traditional television?

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