Thesis Writing for Masters and Ph.D. Program


Thesis Writing for Masters and Ph.D. Program. Writing and submitting one’s thesis is a major part of any graduate program. An ideal graduate program is designed to stimulate and advance the student’s scientific interest, and what better way to do so than to engage them in original research? This original research is ultimately presented at the end of their course in the form of a thesis.


In this book, we have made every attempt to cover the many facets of thesis/dissertation writing. From the very basics such as preparing a title page and abstract to the more complicated aspects of data management and analysis, we have traversed the length and breadth of the processes that go into writing a thesis.

Practical aspects such as plagiarism and grammar checking have also been discussed. A separate section deals with thesis writing for Subspecialty and Doctor of Philosophy courses. Valuable inputs have been provided regarding the presentation of one’s thesis in a conference and preparing a manuscript for publishing in journals.


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