SQL Practice Problems


SQL Practice Problems. 57 beginning, intermediate, and advanced challenges for you to solve using a “learn by-
doing” approach


This edition of SQL Practice Problems assumes that you have some basic background knowledge about relational databases and tables. However, I’ve added some beginner level questions to gradually introduce the various parts of the SQL Select statement for those with less experience in SQL.

A note on the database used—the database used for these problems, which you will set up in the in the Installation Instructions, is not the standard Northwind database. There have been multiple modifications made to it, including additional tables, and modified data, to support the problems in this book.

Do not try to use the standard Northwind sample database that came with previous installations of SQL Server, many of the problems will not work.
Do you need to finish all the problems? Absolutely not. The introductory problems are fairly simple, so you may want to skip directly to the Intermediate Problems section. If you’re not a beginner, but not sure where you should start, just take a look at the problems and expected results in the Introductory Problems section and make sure you understand the concepts. If you do, start working on the Intermediate Problems section.


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