Research Methodology


Research Methodology. The Aims, Practices and Ethics of Science


To perform “good research” in the natural sciences, the practitioner must draw upon an inquisitive mind, an appreciation of the methods, aims and limitations of science, and, of course, skill in applying the “tools of the trade.”

This book provides an extremely well-written, lucid, and, quite often, thought-provoking approach to these prerequisites of “good research.” It is distinctive in the diverse sets of topics it covers and in the various examples it draws upon from the different areas of the natural sciences.

Another distinguishing characteristic is its appeal to the reader’s reflection, not just on the “nuts and bolts” of science and questions of “how to,” but also on more fundamental matters as to “why,” even in sections dealing with such down-to-earth, practical matters as measurement, data collection, design of experiments, and testing of hypotheses.

In addition, it provides valuable advice on a matter of importance for all researchers but particularly, graduate students in the natural sciences—how to write up one’s findings in a form suitable for publication.


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