Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences


Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences. A Practical Introduction with Examples in SPSS and Stata


The book can be used as a self-teaching device. In this case, students should redo the exercises with the data provided. In a second step, they should conduct all the tests with other data they have at their disposal. The book is also the perfect accompanying textbook for an introductory class to survey research and statistics.

In the latter case, there is a built-in semester-long group exercise, which enhances the learning process. In the semester-long group work that follows the sequence of the book, students are asked to conceive, conduct, and analyze survey.

The survey that is analyzed throughout is a colloquial survey that measures the amount of money students spend partying. Actually, the survey is an original survey including the original data, which one of my student groups collected during their semester-long project.

Using this “colloquial” survey, the students in this study group had lots of fun collecting and analyzing their data, showing that learning statistics can (and should) be fun. I hope that the readers and users of this book experience the same joy in their first encounter with quantitative methods.


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