Fundamentals of Programming in SAS


Fundamentals of Programming in SAS. A Case Studies Approach


This book is designed to help you develop an understanding of the SAS programming language and to help you develop good programming practices. It is intended as a learning guide and a skill builder, not as a reference book. To that end, it introduces sets of topics within each chapter that are connected through a single case study.

Concepts are introduced on an as-needed basis to complete required tasks, so you are immediately exposed to writing complete programs. As further concepts are introduced they might be new topics, or they might revisit previously introduced topics at a more complex level.

This reflects how many of the best SAS programmers have built their talents—by continually adding layers of knowledge onto a base set of skills. The book mimics this type of experience by increasing the complexity of the case study, requiring the addition of newer skills, or more complex versions of earlier skills, as they are needed.


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