Elementary Statistics Using SAS


Elementary Statistics Using SAS shows how to use SAS for basic statistical analyses and explains the statistical
methods used—when to use them, what the assumptions are, and how to interpret the results.


This book is for people who have minimal knowledge of SAS or statistics or both. You might be a manager, researcher, or analyst. Or, you might be a student or professor. The range of example data used in the chapters and sample data in the exercises is relevant to a broad audience. The book assumes only that you want to learn to use SAS to perform analyses.

Consider this book a task-oriented tool for basic data analysis. The book integrates analysis methods with SAS steps, and then explains the results. Through the use of examples, the book describes how the analysis leads to decisions about the data.

This book is intended to be a companion to SAS. As you use the chapters, follow along with the examples. Looking at the SAS results as you read through the book will help you learn.


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