Data Mining Concepts


Data Mining Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms


In this book, we describe how best to prepare environments for performing data mining and discuss approaches that have proven to be critical in revealing important patterns, trends, and models in large data sets. It is our expectation that once a reader has completed this text, he/she will be able to initiate and perform basic activities in all phases of a data-mining process successfully and effectively.

Although it is easy to focus on the technologies, as you read through the book, have in mind that technology alone does not provide the entire solution. One of our goals in writing this book was to minimize the hype associated with data mining. Rather than making false promises that overstep the bounds of what can reasonably be expected from data mining, we have tried to make a more objective approach.

We describe with enough information the processes and algorithms that are necessary to produce reliable and useful results in data-mining applications. We do not advocate the use of any particular product or technique over another; the designer of data-mining process has to have enough background for selection of appropriate methodologies and software tools.


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