Data Analytics with Spark Using Python


Data Analytics with Spark Using Python


This book focuses on the fundamentals of the Spark project, starting from the core and working outward into Spark’s various extensions, related or subprojects, and the broader ecosystem of open source technologies such as Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, and more.

Although the foundational understanding of Spark concepts covered in this book —including the runtime, cluster and application architecture—are language independent and agnostic, the majority of the programming examples and exercises in this book are written in Python.

The Python API for Spark (PySpark) provides an intuitive programming environment for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists alike, offering developers the flexibility and extensibility of Python with the distributed processing power and scalability of Spark.

The scope of this book is quite broad, covering aspects of Spark from core Spark programming to Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, machine learning, and more. This book provides a good introduction and overview for each topic—enough of a platform for you to build upon any particular area or discipline within the Spark project.


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