Data Analysis and Visualization Using Python


Data Analysis and Visualization Using Python. Analyze Data to Create Visualizations for BI Systems


This book looks at Python from a data science point of view and teaches the reader proven techniques of data visualization that are used to make critical business decisions. Starting with an introduction to data science using Python, the book then covers the Python environment and gets you acquainted with editors like Jupyter Notebooks and the Spyder IDE.

After going through a primer on Python programming, you will grasp the fundamental Python programming techniques used in data science. Moving on to data visualization, you will learn how it caters to modern business needs and is key to decision-making. You will also take a look at some popular data visualization libraries in Python.

Shifting focus to collecting data, you will learn about the various aspects of data collections from a data science perspective and also take a look at Python’s data collection structures. You will then learn about file I/O processing and regular expressions in Python, followed by techniques to gather and clean data.

Moving on to exploring and analyzing data, you will look at the various data structures in Python. Then, you will take a deep dive into data visualization techniques, going through a number of plotting systems in Python.

In conclusion, you will go through two detailed case studies, where you’ll get a chance to revisit the concepts you’ve grasped so far.
This book is for people who want to learn Python for the data science field in order to become data scientists. No specific programming prerequisites are required besides having basic programming knowledge.


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