Building Chatbots with Python


Building Chatbots with Python Using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Building chatbots is not just about completing a tutorial or following a few steps—it’s a skill in itself.


Remember this book is not written like other books are written. This book is written keeping in mind that once you are done with this book, you can build a chatbot yourself or teach someone how to build a chatbot. It’s very important to keep a few points in mind before approaching this book like any other book:

  • This book covers almost everything that you need to build a chatbot, rather than what exists.
  • This book is about spending more time in doing things on your system, with this book by your side. Make sure you execute each code snippet and try to write the code; do not copy and paste.
  • Make sure you follow the steps as they appear in the book; don’t worry if you don’t understand something. You will get to know about that later in the chapter.
  • Use the source code and Jupyter Notebook provided with this book for your reference.


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