Be a Network Marketing Superstar


Be a Network Marketing Superstar is an absolute must for every direct seller’s learning library. It’s rich with time-tested strategies that will build a strong foundation for success and sprinkled with fresh ideas to give you that edge you need to move to the top of your pay plan. If you’re ready to move to ‘superstar’ status with your company, get Mary’s book right away!

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Be a Network Marketing Superstar provides an excellent introduction to and overview of the direct selling industry as
well as a clear method for succeeding in direct sales. Mary Christensen has created an excellent handbook that can be used for any direct selling business and any product. From attitude to actions, she outlines the steps to success. I believe that anyone who follows her formula will experience amazing results!

It gives a step-by-step approach providing simple concepts that will guide a new or seasoned individual toward superstardom. The worksheets that follow each step are thought-provoking and excellent action steps.


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