An Introduction to Statistics with Python


An Introduction to Statistics with Python.  With Applications in the Life Sciences


This book assumes that:

  • You have some basic programming experience: If you have done no programming previously, you may want to start out with Python.
  • You are not a statistics expert: If you have advanced statistics experience, the online help in Python and the Python packages may be sufficient to allow you to do most of your data analysis right away. This book may still help you to get started with Python. However, the book concentrates on the basic ideas of statistics and on hypothesis tests, and only the last part introduces linear regression modeling and Bayesian statistics.

This book is designed to give you all (or at least most of) the tools that you will need for statistical data analysis. I attempt to provide the background you need to understand what you are doing. I do not prove any theorems and do not apply mathematics unless necessary.

For all tests, a working Python program is provided. In principle, you just have to define your problem, select the corresponding program, and adapt it to your needs. This should allow you to get going quickly, even if you have little Python experience.

This is also the reason why I have not provided the software as one single Python package. I expect that you will have to tailor each


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