AI in Marketing, Sales and Service


AI in Marketing, Sales and Service. How Marketers without a Data Science Degree can use AI, Big Data and Bots


Artificial intelligence (AI) has catered for an immense leap in development in business practice. AI is also increasingly addressing administrative, dispositive and planning processes in marketing, sales and management on the way
to the holistic algorithmic enterprise.

The introductory chapter of this book deals with the motivation for and background behind the book: It is meant to build a bridge from AI technology and methodology to clear business scenarios and added values. It is to be considered as a transmission belt that translates the informatics into business language in the spirit of potentials and limitations.

At the same time, technologies and methods in the scope of the chapters on the basics are explained in such a way that they are accessible even without having studied informatics—the book is regarded as a book for business practice.


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