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Sell Genuine Products Online & Make More Money

Do you have a specific or a variety of digital products that you sell? What are digital products in this case? This simply means intangible products and not physical products. You don’t need have a physical store to keep your goods. How many customers do you intend to reach out to monthly? How many sales do you intend to get from selling your products?

It is time to go bigger and better. The next level of buying and selling is now on the internet, it is so much better and convenient for both sellers and buyers. This is the appropriate channel to get your products connected to the right buyer. That is what Learners Coach will help you achieve. This means that if you need a place that exposes your products to a wide range of customers from all across Kenya, you need to sign up now to be a vendor. You get the chance to sell your products to customers miles away from you without spending an extra cost for advertising, delivery, customer service, or aftersales.

What to expect

If you are talented in any skill or selling digital products such as courses or ebooks,there is definitely a space for you in learners coach. Surely, you can sell your ebooks or courses on learnerscoach and be assured to reach thousands of client through our email marketing system. All you need is to register/signup here and wait for approval.
Move along with the evolution and join the train of the fast-growing e-learning industry in Kenya.

You will be able to;

  1. Control and manage your public store profile
  2. Manage your products – Add, delete and publish your products
  3. View your orders status, reports and sales performance
  4. Receive payments through your paypal account