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Hey Learner, Here at Learners Coach, I’m all about finding you scam free online jobs. Below you will find a list of all the sites that are completely scam-free and can help you make some money online while at home. All you need is patience. There are a few different categories listed below like survey sites, paid to search, shop, visit, and listen.

All of the sites listed below are great options for you to make some extra money online. Although I recommend using all these sites, I have marked a few below as Recommended just because these are the best of the best and I think everyone should take advantage of them no matter what you’re making money online goals are.

Online work is real and online work pays. Build a career using the right platforms. See below a few suggestions to help you jump-start your search for online work. Please note that there are many unscrupulous websites on the Internet. Do your research before you take on assignments. Do not pay anyone for an account. Nor should you pay to get a job. Trusted online work platforms are free to join.

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Carry Out Due Dilligence

Online work is real. But there are many unscrupulous websites on the Internet. Do your research before you take on assignments. Do not pay anyone for an account. Nor should you pay to get a job. Trusted online work platforms are free to join

Take online courses

Deepen your skill by taking our online courses digital courses. Take several courses and tests to strengthen your online work profile and demonstrate your ability to potential clients. We provide these courses at a small fee upon request. Check out our courses page

Start Small / Be Patient

For your first few jobs, take small, easy to complete tasks and build up to more complex work. This will allow you to build a good reputation online. Be patient, grow your online work career with purpose and direction.

The bulk of online work is created by companies based in the largest economies of the world. But most of the work is completed by people living in developing countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. Already, thousands of Kenyans participate in the world of online work. There are at least 40,000 Kenyans registered on Upwork, the leading freelance platform. In a 2014 survey of oDesk (now Upwork) Kenya ranked 10th overall on a list of countries providing workers, No 1 in Africa.

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Top International - Paid Online Survey Sites

I’ve been reviewing survey panels for a while now, but my primary focus has been on survey panels that can accepts by Kenyan Nationals. However,it doesn’t matter what country you’re located in; paid online surveys will not be a huge income. All survey sites are what I like to call “extra income sites”, don’t think that these sites can replace your full-time income, because they won’t. I highly recommend SWAGBUCKS, YSENSE, & INSTAGC which are open Worldwide!


To start out this list, I highly recommend Swagbucks, and they do except members in multiple countries, this site isn’t “international,” but if you live in any country where it’s available I highly recommend joining this site first.
Swagbucks not only pays you to take surveys, but you can earn money by watching videos, completing offers, playing games, searching the internet and more.

You redeem points for gift cards starting at $5. Popular stores like Amazon are available, and PayPal payments start at $25. Swagbucks is completely free to join


Have you ever wanted a way to earn cash and gift cards online for giving your opinion and completing other simple tasks? Now you can with InstaGC. InstaGC stands for Instant Gift Cards and is one of the best sites for making a few bucks online every month.

InstaGC is very similar to other sites that I use like Swagbucks or Ysense. InstaGC pays you for completing tasks, taking surveys, completing offers, and much more. With the cash you earn you will get rewarded Gift Cards or Cash. InstaGC is Completely free to join


The main way to earn at ysense is by seeing ads. Visit the ads wall to see all of the ads available. If you click on an ad, a new tab will open, and you’re required to stay on the site for 5-30 seconds. When the time runs out, you can close the tab and view another ad.

Surveys- ysense offers surveys from several providers, so there’re usually 20-50 surveys available at any time. Most surveys pay $.50-$2.50 and can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Keep in mind that you’ll need to qualify for all surveys to get paid. Ysense is completely free to join


FeaturePoints is an app that will reward you for downloading and trying out free apps. You will be paid in points, which you can redeem for other rewards.

You will basically be downloading apps that are coming from their advertisers and try them out. You will need to use it for a couple of minutes or accomplish a task. Then you will be paid in points after completing that task. 
The points you earn will vary per app and the task you need to complete. Once you have enough, you can exchange your points for rewards, like gift cards or cash.

It is free and easy to sign up.It will really pay you, as long as you complete the task required and it is the first time you are downloading the apps on FeaturePoints.


Paidviewpoint is an online surveys website where you can earn PayPal cash and gift cards for answering online surveys.You won’t make a ton of money using this site, since they only offer surveys, and they don’t offer them every day. But it’s a nice site, clean page, and easy and quick to use. Also, the surveys are only a few minutes long, compared to sites like Swagbucks where a lot of their surveys are 20 minutes long.

PaidViewPoint is a paid survey site that truly does pay you for your opinion. They are known for creating surveys that allow them to get the data they need, but in a way that still entertains the participant in the process.

Unlike a lot of other survey sites, you will never be “screened out” of a survey on PaidViewPoint. If you are deemed eligible to take a survey, you will be able to take the whole survey and be rewarded for it. There are a lot of places that will have you go through tons of questions, only to tell you that you aren’t actually eligible to take the survey. Not with PaidViewPoint. It is free to signup

Usability Testing Sites -Paid to test software products

Did you know that companies will pay you to give feedback about their websites? I’ve been hearing a lot about website usability testing lately and have even started to do some tests myself. Companies want to hear from normal people like you and me; they need our feedback on their websites which has made it possible for me to put together this list of websites that offer usability testing jobs.
If you’re not familiar with usability testing, you’ll be recorded with a webcam and be asked to complete a series of tasks on a website. This could be adding items to a shopping cart, or just finding a particular page of a website. Provide what you found difficult, what was easy, and your opinion and get paid for your time.

After signing up and doing research about this platform, I’ve found that Remotask is a genuine company. This company pays it’s users on time weekly as long as the minimum payment threshold is met. The tasks pay out $1 to $2.5 per hour if completed without any errors.

The only real requirement at uTest is that you’re over 18 years of age. Of course you will need a device to take tests on, this can be a computer, mobile device, or gaming system.  They do not require any experience to join, but people with more experience do get paid higher rates. I was surprised to see on their site that they do hire some testers that make a full-time income, but most people have a full-time job and do this for some extra spending money.
If you decided to join uTest there is a simple form that will need to be filled out, this will contain some basic personal information first.

Local Based Jobs in Kenya

Cloud Fare

As a cloud worker, you will gain skills critical for success in the digital age. You will gain competency in many skills by accomplishing a variety of tasks for some of the most innovative companies in the world. These are skills that will provide a strong foundation for thriving in the global economy, no matter where your career path takes you.

Executive Virtual Assistant

EVA stands for Executive Virtual Assistants. Every EVA is a highly trained professional who has undergone extensive telesales training. Training covers both theory and practical skills. Every EVA is able to provide high quality, personalized service to your customers.                To work with EVA,Pass our interview, undergo our online training and complete an internship (takes appx.3 weeks). Then, Bid for jobs of your choice, indicate how many hours you are available and see how much it earns

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