The Most Marketable Courses Offered At Riara University

As a lecturer at the university, I can assure you that the Most Marketable Courses Offered At Riara University are surprisingly very well costed and affordable.

They have a wide array of Degree and Diploma courses as well as very competitive short courses that are aligned to the needs of employers.

Their degree programmes are fully accredited by the Commission for University Education among other agencies. Riara University is proud to have held the status of Full Accreditation from inception in 2012.

Marketable Courses Offered At Riara University

As a student, one can go for undergraduate, diploma, certificate, and short courses all offered by the University. These courses are offered in different schools which are equipped with the resources and highly qualified faculty like myself to deliver sufficient knowledge to students. Soon they will start offering post graduate courses.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should study in Riara University before we embark on the Marketable Courses.

Why Study in Riara University?

Below are some of the reasons why anyone wanting an exciting and rewarding place to study should choose Riara University:

  • First, Riara University is Fully Accredited by the Council of Legal Education.
  • Modern teaching methods emphasizing active and technology-enhanced learning
  • Meticulous selection of faculty members and staff
  • Rigorous quality assurance evaluations by students & external examiners
  • Very rewarding community service for all students
  • Industrial attachment opportunities for all learners
  • Matriculation ceremonies upon admission
  • Monthly innovation forums open to all
  • Very easily accessible by public transport, driving, and on foot.
  • Plenty of accommodation, hostels and fun places around the campus
  • Innovative solutions to everyday life learning experiences
  • Students are equipped with integrated approach in problem-solving skills
  • The university has signed scholarship agreements with various corporate organizations to support needy students
  • All programmes offered at RU are fully accredited by the respective regulatory or governance organs

How To Register For A Course

To access any programme offered at Riara University, you will need to apply for admission and be registered. The institution has three intakes in a year i.e., January, May, and September, which means you can join and exit at any point and be assured of completing your degree on time!

One can apply by following the steps below:

  • Download the application form available on the school website.
  • Ascertain that you read all instructions carefully.
  • Fill all blank spaces accordingly: Complete all the relevant sections in block letters and leave out the rest. Attach certified copies of all required papers:
  • You will be required to attach a copy of your National Identity Card or Passport, academic certificates and transcripts and one recent passport size photograph.
  • Those applying for the Bachelor of Law programme should attach a personal statement of not more than 500 words indicating their motivation for the programme.
  • Applicants can also scan their documents and send them to
  • Additionally, they can visit the university premises on Raila Odinga Way to submit the application physically.

Once successfully admitted and registered, record your admission details via this link, Elimika Na Riara Registration. Remember to select Staff under category. Under phone number use 0725404487.

By recording your details on the above link you stand a chance to get discount when paying your next semesters fee. You can as well send your details to my staff email so that I can push the discount for you.

Riara Law School (RLS)

The Riara Law School graduates are equipped with highly marketable and transferable skills, such as legal writing, research, and reasoning, critical thinking, statutory interpretation, oral advocacy, negotiation, case management, client care, efficiency, and time management, which will prove invaluable in whichever career path they will eventually choose. They may thus pursue careers in management, media, banking, and finance as well as the police and the armed forces, among others.

The following programs are offered at the Riara Law School:

  • Bachelor of Law (LLB) Degree: a full-time course that takes four years to complete. It is accredited by CLE.
  • Pre-Kenya School of Law Compliance Programme: This is a programme geared towards enabling Kenyan graduates from global institutions to meet the statutory requirements for admission into the Advocates Training Progamme.
  • Professional Meditation Course: This is a short course that is open to all that are interested in learning more about alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Journalism and Media Studies

The philosophy guiding this school is founded on the conviction, belief and appreciation that the acquisition of knowledge must take cognizance of the ever changing media environment and tech-savvy era in order to produce graduates who can effectively address media issues and create content for the digital era in Kenya, Africa and the world.

During their studies here, we send them into the real world to write and record about real people in real situations. Further, we consistently strive to create industry-ready professionals by engaging key stakeholders in our classrooms where they share their experiences and pass on knowledge to the learners. A key component of our programme is that most units are practically oriented exposing our learners to studio settings of media production that prove quite engaging to our learners.

School of International Relations and Diplomacy

The RU International Relations & Diplomacy Programme is deliberately inclined towards a policy orientation through exposure to global affairs and dynamics of world politics.

To achieve this, the program critically analyzes key areas of International Relations, such as Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, International Law, International Security, and International Political Economy through a multidisciplinary approach.

Our first-rate students are continuously exposed to practical leadership skills through diverse expositions, such as ‘simulation’ and ‘pitching’, as the most important tools needed in the contemporary global workforce.

School of Computing Sciences

The School of Computing Sciences is the home of Riara University innovation Center – where we lead innovative ideas from all professions.

We have networked laboratories equipped to industry standard and running the latest software. Dedicated facilities are provided for animation, web and multimedia authoring, video editing, web service development, games, networks, digital post-production and digital music studios.

Teaching programmes range from Cerificates, diplomas, and degrees as well as ICT Professional Courses. We have an excellent reputation for innovation and our teaching staff combine academic excellence, world class research and industrial experience.

School of Business

Through team and classroom interaction, students of the Riara School of Business learn to communicate effectively with individuals from diverse cultural, academic, and professional backgrounds.

The Riara University School of Business offers a range of programmes designed specifically for aspiring entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals working in a range of industries.

The following courses are offered at the Riara School of Business:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) an ACCA Accredited Programme; with specialisations in Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management,
  • Procurement, Supply Chain and Logistics Management)
  • Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management (DPSM)
  • Diploma in Business Management (DBM)

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