The Best Marketable Courses For Self Employment

The failure of many governments to adopt appropriate educational systems has compelled individuals to educate themselves beyond passion and go for only the Best Marketable Courses For Self Employment since it appears entrepreneurship is the next suitable option for unemployed graduates.

In an age when many people are unemployed, many scholars are seeking to study self-employment courses. Many people are learned and the demand for jobs is higher than the available jobs. One of the ways to solve this unemployment problem is by encouraging people to venture into self-employment. By so doing, they can create more jobs for other people.

Marketable Courses For Self Employment

As much as most people want to be employed, some actually want to practice self employment. They want to manage their business, and run them according to how they know best.

There are certain courses, that will enable you to achieve this motive, that is if you want to employ yourself in the field that you’ve studied. In this article, we’ve identified for you the Best Marketable Courses For Self Employment.

Marketable Hospitality Courses

People are making cool money from the hospitality industry. Here we talk about hotels, eateries, guesthouses and the likes.

This is very likely the world’s coolest business opportunity. There are huge boys who practically live in hotels and guesthouses, there are people who consider dining at fast food restaurants a luxury, and there are others who rely entirely on restaurants because they are unable to prepare meals at home. So there is a market that is open.

It is a profitable business to venture into. Therefore, if you posses a degree or diploma in Tourism and hospitality, you don’t necessarily need to break your head looking for a 9-5 job, it is a great opportunity to start a business in relation to the hospitality course studied in school. Depending on the availability of capital, you can decide to start a fast food, operate a guest or hotel business or better still, open a travel agency.

Marketable Agricultural Courses

Many of the agricultural courses can help you get into self-employment. You can start commercial farming in a unique way. With agricultural skills, you can know what to do differently from the other farmers. With time, you can hire other people to help you manage your farm.

Some of these marketable courses include:

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Dairy Technology and Management

Marketable Business Courses

Those that work in this profession are primarily engaged in marketing.You need to know how to speak to your audience if you want to sell something. You might already understand how to influence people’s decisions because you majored in humanities. Create product advertisements using your knowledge and artistic abilities.

These days where entrepreneurship has become the order of the day, individuals with degrees in other courses and enrolling into business schools to acquire more knowledge in business. Many of these people end up becoming self employed bosses.

Computer Related Courses

The increasing use of technology throughout the business world means that computer and I.T related courses are easy tickets to becoming self employed after graduation. This career could include ‘ethical hacking’ which involves a deliberate attempt to hack into your employer’s network to expose any weaknesses.

You can also work as a computer forensics analyst or investigator to combat the increasing rate of cyber-crime.

Electrical Engineering Courses

Electrical Engineering is a competitive self-employment course in Kenya. Many people who study this course end up starting their own electrical companies. For instance, you can start your own electrical company and help people with electrical wiring services.

With many houses being built, the demand for electrical engineers is high. Rural electrification has increased the demand for electrical engineers.

Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine is also a well-paying self-employment course in Kenya. Once you have completed your course, you need to gain some experience and then you can apply for a license. The demand for veterinary services is high with many people looking for AI services and treatment of different diseases for the livestock.

Management Courses

A lot of businesses in existence are constantly in need of experts to manage their businesses. With this rising demand for business managers, many people are enrolling for management courses, project management being one of the courses.

Some people with this certification turn out to become management consultants. Their main responsibility is to improve the company by finding ways to increase its profits and change its structure.

Graphics and Web Design Courses

A course in graphics and web design equip learners with skills to master the use of essential graphics and web designing software such as adobe dream weaver, adobe In Design, illustrator, Photoshop, Pixellab and Coreldraw. These enable the learner to design websites, logos and banners for individuals and companies, animation, and billboards for the promotion of a brand.

A graduate of this field is generally a freelancer due to the nature of this job. However, there are still many graphics designers who are employed by companies.

This is a very creative course that allows for individuals with uncommon talent to create visual concepts. This is a very good course that can prepare anybody for self-employment.

Music Courses

Music-related courses are some of the best self-employment courses in Kenya. People who have studied music-related courses do not have a solid place where they can be employed. However, they can venture into self-employment.

You can start your own music production company or even become a musician. Musicians are some of the highest-earning careers in Kenya.

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