Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya

For a course to be among the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya, it means that the course must be relevant to the current job market and must also provide skills and knowledge applicable to the local economy

There are many factors to consider when choosing In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya. Some students choose to follow their passion, while others prioritize the marketability of a course. It’s important to be wise and carry out enough research when choosing a degree course in Kenya.

Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya

In this article, we take a look at the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya because one cannot stay long without getting a job or some other source of income. Often, such courses require students to have excellent grades to pursue them.

1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

This course is one of the In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya given Kenya’s rising usage of technology and digital systems. It entails gaining knowledge of computer systems as well as expertise in software development and programming.

A grade of C+ or higher is needed to pursue it. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Kenyatta University (KU) are two of the top universities for computer science education.

2. Bachelor of Pharmacy

Because of the fantastic and extensive prospects it offers, pharmacy is among the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya. These sectors include academics, industry, community health, and research. Depending on the educational institution of choice, a minimum grade of B or above is required to pursue a degree in pharmacy.

You must have a solid foundation in chemistry, biology, and mathematics in order to enroll in this course, which takes at least 5 years to finish. According to several university papers, pharmacy courses are the most challenging, followed by medical courses and actuarial science degrees. Additionally, this program permits self-employment such as running and obtaining pharmacy licenses.

3. Bachelor of Agriculture and Related Studies

More and more Kenyan students are realizing that the country’s food production methods are not sustainable and that the agricultural industry can be highly profitable. As a result, enrolling in a course relating to agriculture opens up a world of possibilities and that’s why it is among the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya.

This is one of the courses that could significantly influence society. Food provision depends heavily on agriculture; people will always want to eat.

4. Bachelor of Quantity Surveying

It includes the monetary and legal aspects of construction projects. It is crucial to have a solid foundation in geography and mathematics. A C+ is needed as a minimum. The University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, and Moi University are a few of the top universities.

Quantity surveyors are involved in issuing title deeds and taking measurements of the land. As with most disciplines, the more experience a quantity surveyor has, the more money they earn. They also earn more money through side hustles.

5. Computer Security and Forensics

In the digital arena, a specialist in computer forensics and security is comparable to an agent and an arbiter in traditional law enforcement. The task of obtaining and analyzing evidence from network incursions, computer hacks, and data breaches falls to someone having a degree in this field.

Cybercrimes are adding as the world grows more connected. Associations, governments, and individuals constantly demand good people to reduce these hazards. This course is offered in Kenyan universities and sodalities. Some include Kabarak University, KCA University, and Meru University, among others.

6. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Around the world, degree programs in the health sciences are among the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses. It is a vital and well-respected profession that improves the standard of living for people. The top universities to pursue this field are the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University.

However, a minimum grade of B+ and above is required to enroll in a medical program in Kenya. The student must demonstrate proficiency and discipline in this rigorous subject. One can work anywhere in the globe with little to no extra training using the skills they gain through participating in medicine.

7. Bachelor of Nursing

Getting a nursing degree is not simple. It requires a minimum grade of C+ or above to be taken as an undergraduate. It is one of the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya, however it is not a well-paying career compared to the ones mentioned above.

A licensed nurse who uses entrepreneurial abilities in this profession may benefit. Nurses are in extremely limited supply both domestically and abroad. It is challenging for a nurse to remain unemployed for this reason. The University of Nairobi and the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) are two of the top nursing schools.

8. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

This discipline involves designing and constructing physical and natural environment structures such as airports, bridges, and sewage systems. A minimum grade of C+ is required. Best universities for civil engineering include the University of Nairobi, JKUAT, and Kenyatta University.

Civil engineering is one of the Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya. It offers job opportunities in both the private and public sectors. This degree opens the door to opportunities in construction firms, government institutions, and research institutions.

9. Bachelor of Economics and Statistics

This course mostly deals with mathematics, statistics, and economic theories. It is one of Top 10 In Demand Degree Courses In Kenya. A grade of C+ and above is required to pursue it. It is advisable to pursue professional courses such as CPA, CFA, ACCA, and CIFA.

It is easier for graduates who pursue professional courses and degrees to secure jobs. Professional courses are an added advantage. With this degree, one can work in investment firms, banks, and financial institutions.

10. Bachelor of Business information technology

The course integrates modern information technology within the conventional commercial framework, as the course title suggests. The maturity of businesses has currently accepted digital transformation. In order to lower productivity, profit, and profit, these associations continually require specialists to generate cutting-edge IT results and incorporate them into the existing company models.

Every establishment currently needs to keep on the cutting edge of technology. The situation is one of” shape in or shape out.” Because of this, people with degrees in business information technology are veritably precious.

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