How To Answer Common Technical Interview Questions

How To Answer Competency Based Technical Questions

This article prepares you on How To Answer Common Technical Interview Questions.

A list of frequently asked HR interview technical questions or Common interview questions or Job interview questions and answers are given below.

1) Tell me about yourself?

This is the most famous question for an interviewer and also most difficult to answer this question for the candidate. This question puts all the pressure on the candidate, and the interviewer relax.

You should be very alert enough to answer this question. You should start with an easy and confident tone and answer in a proper manner. It should not be scripted. Always remember, you are not giving the interview to a robot so your articulation, your pronunciation of each word should be clear and confident.

A good way:

Analyze your interviewer interests.

Express your most important accomplishments first.

Possible Answer 1

“Good morning/afternoon/evening” sir/mam.

First of all, thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself.

My name is John Sag.

As far as my education qualification is concerned, I have done Msc. In Computer Science with Software Engineering  from University of Nairobi in Kenya, in the year of 2014.

I had completed from the same university in 2012 and completed my secondary schooling from Nakuru primary

As far as my family is concerned, I belong to a middle-class family. My father is a Businessman, and my Mother is a homemaker. My brother is preparing for civil services.

I am good in programming languages C, C++, and Java and very much interested in HTML, Python, ASP. Net and SQL.

My strength is self-confidence, positive attitude, hard work.

My weakness is: I can easily believe every one.

My hobbies are: Watching news channels, Playing volleyball, Listening to music.

Possible Answer 2

“Good morning/afternoon/evening” sir/mam, it’s my pleasure to introduce myself. I am Onyango Kariuki from Nairobi Kenya. I have done my in computer science from Kenyatta University.

My personal traits is that, I am sweet smart, confident, and hardworking person. I am a cool hearted person, so usually see every difficulty with a positive side and keep myself always smiling which makes me stronger even more.

I can carry out any task assigned to me without hesitation.

My hobbies are dancing, Internet surfing, playing Chess, listening to music, watching the news channel. In my spare time, I like to read news on my phone and traveling to my hometown.

Thank you for giving this opportunity to introduce myself.

2) Why are you applying for this job? (or) Why this role attract you?

By this question, the interviewer wants to know that:

  • If you fully understand what the job entails
  • How well you might match their requirement
  • What appeals to you most about this job

Before answering this question, take your own time and answer it the way that convinces the interviewer. Explain your qualities according to the above-stated points.

Possible Answer 1

I have applied for this vacancy because it is an excellent match for my skills and experience. This role is exactly the sort of role I am currently targeting, and I am confident I will be able to make a major contribution.

Possible Answer 2

Sir, it’s a great privilege to work in a reputed company like yours. When I read about your requirement, I found that my skills are matching with them. Through this role, I can show my technical skills to contribute to the company growth.

3) Would you like to work overtime or odd hours?

You should become very honest to answer this question. Don’t tell a lie or compromise to get the job only. If you don’t have any problem, you can answer like this:

I know that in this company I am being asked to work for an extended number of hours because of some good reasons, so I am ok with it. Putting an extra effort means I am doing something for the company, I’ll be happy to do it.

4) What is more important to you: the money or the work?

This is a very tricky question. The work should always be more important than the money. This frame of mind is good for you(at least at the time of interview).

Possible Answer 1

“Money is always important, but the work is most important for me.”

Possible Answer 2

“I would say that work is more important. If we work and achieve Company goals then obviously money would follow. I believe work to be prior.”

5) What do you know about this organization?

You should fully be aware of that organization where you are going for an interview, so check the history, present structure and working style of that organization. Check the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages to gather the information.

Possible Answer 1

We all know that it is one of the fastest growing infrastructure company in Kenya or the world. The facilities provided to the employee is best. People feel proud to be the part of your company as the company provides full support to their employees in professional front. The working environment of this company is decent. It has crossed the branches in the world also. And I was in search of this type of company.

Possible Answer 2

We all know that this company is East Africa’s no.1 company for development. I was delighted to see on your company website that your employees are talking about how great it is to work for your company. Nowadays, so many people seem to hate the company where they work for one reason or another. It’s great to see that your employees are proud to talk about how much they love their company and jobs.

6) Why did you leave your last job?

You should be very careful with this question. Avoid trashing other employers and making a statement like “I need more money”. Instead of this, you can say that:

Sir, it’s a career move. I have learned a lot from my last job, but now I am looking for new challenges to broaden my horizons and to gain a new skill-set.

7) Why should we hire you?

Tell your qualifications and highlight the points which makes you unique.

Possible Answer 1

“I believe that everyone starts with a beginning, I need a platform to prove my abilities and skills. I think your company is the right place to explore my abilities. I need to be part of your growth. I will do my level best.”

Possible Answer 2

“As a fresher, I need a platform to prove my ability. If I will be a part of your company, I’ll put my effort and strength to uplift your company. None is born with experience, and if you hire me, I will get professional experience through your company.”

Possible Answer 3

“I have a good experience in that particular field (field of your specialization), and I think my talents will be a big contribution to the continuing pursuit of excellence of your company.”

8) What are your salary expectations?

Don’t say your salary in exact numbers, instead of this show your commitment to the job itself.

Possible Answer 1

I am more interested in the role than the pay, and I expect to be paid appropriate money for this role based on my experience. Please also put into consideration the rising cost of living here in Nairobi.

Possible Answer 2

As I am fresher, Salary is not an issue for me. Learning and gaining experience is my major priority. As your company is one of the most reputed company, I just accept the salary offered by you is the best in the industry.

Possible Answer 3

As of now, I haven’t thought much about it. I am more focused on learning the requirements for this position that I am applying for.

9) Assume you are hired, then how long would you expect to work for us?

Possible Answer 1

“I will do my best for the growth of your company as long as I have the career growth, job satisfaction, respect and a healthy environment, then I don’t need to change my company.”

Possible Answer 2

“I will work with the company as long as my presence benefits the company and I get ample opportunity to grow and develop both professionally and monetarily.”

Possible Answer 3

“Everyone looks for a bright future, healthy work environment, good salary, job satisfaction and I am pretty sure that your company gives such things, so I don’t need to change the company.”

10) How would you rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10?

Possible Answer 1

I will rate myself 8 out of 10 because I would never like to think that there should be a room left for putting in more efforts. That thought will create an interest in learning the things. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Possible Answer 2

I will answer this question based on some parameters. As far as hard work is concerned, I will rate myself as 8 because there should always be a scope to increase our skills which will create an interest in learning the things. When it comes to creativity, I would like to rate myself as 9. In the past, I have designed banners and brochures which were appreciated by the clients. To talk about patience, I will tag myself with 6 because I am an entry-level professional. Same as personal life, even professional life needs more experience for more patience. That is probably why in most companies, senior management looks more patient than entry level or even middle level. Overall, I would rate myself as 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.

11) What are your achievements in life?

This question may also be asked as what are your biggest achievements? Or what are you most proud of?

You should discuss only work-related achievements. Try to pick a recent achievement.

Possible Answer 1

“My greatest achievement so far in my career would probably be winning the Manager of the Year award last year.”

Possible Answer 2

“My biggest accomplishment is overcoming my fear of failure. It gives me a complete sense of living and makes me more confident.”

Possible Answer 3

“I experienced my greatest achievement when I worked as a website manager for an entertainment outlet. My team was under pressure and the website was struggling at the time, and I was tasked with forming a strategy to increase traffic.

12) What is your objective in life?

Your answer should be realistic and practical.

Possible Answer 1

“My short-term goal is to work in a reputed organization like yours where I can enhance my technical skills and knowledge.

My long-term goal is to see the company at a topmost position where I am one of the people responsible for that.”

Possible Answer 2

“My goal is to become a successful person and make my family proud of me.”

13) What are your strengths?

You should always remember that even if your strength is not technically related, find a way to relate it to work. Tell your positive points related to the job.

Possible Answer 1

My main strengths are the ability to use my initiative to take on challenges. I am always proactive at what I do, and that keeps my mind stimulated and focused.

Possible Answer 2

My greatest strengths would be my intelligence and thoughtfulness. I believe that in every work environment you need to process every step and be detailed in your work.

Possible Answer 3

My time management skills are excellent, and I’m organized, efficient, and take pride in excelling at my work.

14) What are your weaknesses?

Everyone has weaknesses so while answering this question don’t spend so much time on this. This question is generally asked to know how honest you are with yourself. State one or two minor weaknesses and try to relate it works. (avoid saying “I work very hard” it is a very common answer). Don’t pretend you don’t have weaknesses and don’t avoid answering the question.

Possible Answer 1

You can say, “I used to be very disorganized, always forgetting assignments and birthdays. But I managed to work out a computerized system of to-do lists and reminders that keep me on top of everything.”

Possible Answer 2

“I am a straightforward person, and I cannot say no when someone asks me for help.”

15) What are your hobbies?

It totally depends on you what you like and what hobbies do you have but always justify your answer.

For Example:

My hobbies are dancing, Internet surfing, playing Chess, listening to music, watching the news channel. In my spare time, I like to read news on my phone and traveling to my hometown. Thank you for giving this opportunity to introduce myself.

16) Why did you choose your university and what are the main factors influenced your choice?

I was very happy to be accepted to my first choice, University of Nairobi. It is a very prestigious university. I had some friends and some seniors who were a few years older than me that attended and they seemed to have a good experience on that campus. I was familiar with Nairobi city and have local contacts so I chose it. It is also ranked among the best performing universities in Africa

17) How did you deal with stressful conditions in your previous job?

I think, it is better to work under pressure but the pressure should be good. I always love to work with a deadline and enjoy working in a challenging environment. Generally, I react to situations rather than to stress and that’s way the situation is handled and doesn’t become stressful.

18) Give us an example when your communication made a difference in a worse condition.

I always love to talk with my colleagues in a decent tone and a loving manner. It always works and I don’t think I have any serious conflict with any of my friend or colleague. But I remember, this incident that occurred 4 years ago, in my college life. We, four friends were stuck in a very worse condition. We were falsely charged a fine and 15 days suspension for ragging a new comer fresher student. We all were upset and angry but it was me who took an initiative to discuss the whole condition with the principal and get rid from the fine and suspension.

19) Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to be working with an employer in an increasingly responsible position, it is because I want to utilize my talents and work closely with my colleagues in solving important problems. I see myself taking on new and exciting challenges in an enjoyable environment and hopefully this will be with your company.

20) Do you have any questions for me/us?

First of all, a big thanks to you for giving me this great opportunity. I just want to ask you, please to let me know if I am selected and when I can join your company or if I am not selected which thing do I need to improve on.

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