Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya

In this article, we will be discussing the Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya. We feature Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya that Pay the Most amount of money. Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to blaze your own path or someone looking to switch careers and reinvent themselves, this list is a must read.

Due to the rise of internet and the push for globalization positive career opportunities trend have been realized in the country. Several sectors have seen significant infrastructure development over the years and are continuing to grow. Due to this fact, several high highest-paying jobs in Kenya have now opened up in the labor market.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya

If you are a student waiting to go to college you should be very careful when choosing a course. Some of the degree and diploma courses have a flooded job market, and their pay is not decent. Getting the right information before selecting will ensure you enroll for a marketable course to avoid getting into the wrong profession.

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1. Statistics – Average Salary of Ksh 225,000

Statistics and data analysis is one of the best careers in Kenya but becoming a qualified statistician and data analyst is not easy. One must be good in Mathematics and science courses to pursue a statistics degree at one of the top best universities in kenya.

Most top companies pay statisticians between Ksh 106,000 and Ksh 365,000 every month. These professionals can work in audit firms, insurance companies, the United Nations, or the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

2. Software Engineering – Average Salary of Ksh 155,000

Software Engineering is yet another great tech-based career. Kenya does not have many software engineers, mainly because the job requires highly-skilled, innovative, and smart individuals. Big tech companies like Safaricom, Google, Oracle, IBM, to name a few, are often on the lookout for skill rather than paper qualifications.

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To gain University entry to study software engineering, one must have good grades of B+ and above and must have scored an A or A- in Mathematics and Physics.

3. Airline Pilot – Salary Between Ksh 132,0000 & Ksh 420,000

Commercial Airline Pilots are highly trained professionals that fly airplanes. They are some of the most in demand both locally and internationally. They undergo intensive training to ensure that they have the necessary skill set to safely operate an aircraft.

The aviation profession guarantees you a lump sum salary in Kenya due to the shortage of pilots in this industry. To become a pilot, one must study aviation in an accredited institution, and the course takes about 3 years. However, it is one of the most expensive courses in Kenya, and you must have more than Ksh. 5 million to study.

4. Architecture – Average Salary of Ksh 180,000

Architecture is a well-paying job, and the demand for experienced professionals has been on the rise in the recent past due to increased development projects.

Architecture is known as one of the most lucrative professions in the world. They design infrastructures from small homes to large multi-floor buildings.

5. Law – Average Salary of Ksh 133,000

The practice of law is one of the better paying careers in Kenya. Professional lawyers in Kenya are able to work in different sectors such as government, private institutions, or private practice.

To join the profession, one must pass their KCSE with a minimum of B plain before enrolling in prestigious colleges like the University of Nairobi or Strathmore University for a four-year law degree course.

6. Actuarial science – Average Salary of Ksh 100,000

Actuarial science is one of the top-paying jobs in Kenya, and qualified professionals are guaranteed a salary of about Ksh 100,000 per month. Actuaries are professionals that deal with risk and risk management. They are adept at understanding risks, weighing their pros and cons, and mitigating their consequences. They provide valuable and actionable insights for organizations

Becoming an actuary requires a lot of study hours, and one must be good at Mathematics. These professionals can work in any firms that require risk and financial analysis expertise, including actuarial firms, audit firms, insurance companies, the CMA, the NSE, banks, to name a few.

7. Surgeon – Average Salary of Ksh 214,000

Surgery is one of the most paid jobs in Kenya. The profession requires a high level of skill and grace under pressure. Because of this, medical doctors and surgeons in Kenya are some of the highest-paid professionals in Kenya and the world.

Becoming a doctor anywhere in the world requires patience, lots of study hours, and a sharp mind. The good thing about the medical profession is that there is always a demand for doctors, and you are guaranteed of getting employed.

8. IT Officer - Average Annual Salary of KSh 748,651

Information technology officers are well-rounded professionals. In small organizations, they are expected to wear many hats. They work as office support personnel, network administrators, and tech support among others. In larger organizations, they can function in a more specialized role.

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9. Auditors – Average Salary of Ksh 147,000

Internal auditors working in the big four companies, including PWC, Earnest & Young, Deloitte, and KPMG, earn between Ksh 72,000 and Ksh 229,000 per month. External auditors in Kenya earn between Ksh 79,200 and Ksh 233,000.

To qualify as an auditor, one needs a bachelor’s degree in accounting and an audit certification such as CA, ICWA, or CS.

10. Accountants – Average Salary of Ksh 231,000

Although the finance and accounting field is flooded, it is one of the top-paying jobs in Kenya if you find yourself up the corporate ladder.

Accountants are some of the key figures in making sure that finances are handled effectively. They are trained in assessing cash flows, pinpointing inefficiencies, and identifying any anomalous expenditures in the system. They are thorough and detail-oriented which helps them effectively carry out their duties

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