Visual Basic .NET and C.NET Intermediate


These projects and walkthroughs are designed to get you to an intermediate level. They are for both Visual Basic and C# .NET programmers. The code for both languages is included. Because VB and C# are both NET languages, the coding is not that different and you’ll be able to pick up a second language without any problems.

You don’t need to tackle the projects in any particular order. Just do the ones that take your fancy. The final project, the Stick Figure Cartoon app, will give you skills in completing a full program. It’s quite long, so don’t expect to finish it in one sitting! Good luck.

Instructor: John Sagimo

Topics for this course

92 Lessons

Project One – Image Manipulation?

A gentle introduction to manipulating images.
Session1: Rotate an Image in VB NET and C#
Session2: Flip an Image in C# or VB Net
Session3: Clone Image
Session4: Image Pixels in VB Net and C#
Session5: Invert Image Pixels
Session6: Saving an Image

Project Two – Image Information?

How to get information endcoded in an image

Project Three – Using the Graphics object to draw

Project Four -An SQL Server Databases Project

Walkthrough 1: Code your own Email Client?

Learn how to send and receive emails using VB and C# code

Walkthrough 2: Code your own Picture Viewer

Walkthrough 3: Excel Data and Charts Project?

Create charts in VB and C# using data pulled from Excel

Walkthrough 4: Write a Text to Speech Program?

Write an app that speaks! Read Text Files, PDFs, Word Docs, Web Pages

Walkthrough 5: A Stick Figure Cartoon App?

Full program walkthrough! (Includes lesson on Version Control)
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