Top 10 Highest Paying IT Certification Jobs

Highest Paying IT Certifications

Professional certifications, or simply certifications, are designated credentials offered by a company or organization to the candidate for their competence to perform a job. In this article, we take a look at the Top 10 Highest Paying IT Certification Jobs which will make you have an when trying to get a job in this unpredictable … Read more

How To Start a Cybersecurity Career in Kenya

cybersecurity career in Kenya

In Kenya Today, cybersecurity has become an essential part of every company’s strategy for sustainability, security, and growth. How To Start a Cybersecurity Career in Kenya is a discussion we need to have, especially as businesses grow, the demand for cybersecurity talent will only continue to grow in 2023 and beyond. Therefore, a career in … Read more

The Best Technical Skills For Managers

technical skills for managers

Any position in management requires a diverse range of technical skills for managers, no matter the industry; however, your particular field will help determine knowledge-specific skills needed as a manager. Technical skills for managers can be developed through learning and practical experience as a manager. The skills help the manager to relate with their fellow … Read more

Top 20 Most Marketable IT Certifications in Kenya

IT Certifications in Kenya

Most IT departments in Kenya are looking for candidates with up-to-date knowledge in IT. As a result, these Top 20 Most Marketable IT Certifications in Kenya are in high demand.  And when a tech recruiter is evaluating your resume, they often start by looking at your IT certifications. The IT certifications quickly show them a … Read more

The Best Choice Between Data Analytics and Data Science Career

Data science vs data analytics learnerscoach

Data Analytics and Data Science Career in Kenya has taken most professionals by storm. For people looking for long-term career potential, data analytics and data science jobs have long been a safe bet. This trend is likely to continue over the years as AI and Machine Learning become highly integrated into our daily lives and … Read more

Top 10 In Demand Information Technology Skills in Kenya

tech skills in Kenya

Possessing the right combination of technical expertise in Kenya such as soft skills and practical experience can help you impress potential employers and land a high-paying job in one of the fastest growing fields in information technology. To keep up, IT pros in Kenya must actively seek IT skills that are in high demand. These … Read more

Top 5 Most Desirable Technical Skills For Lawyers


There is often an assumption made that young lawyers or law students (Millennials) in Kenya entering the profession have the technology skills that my generation (Generation X) and the one that went before me (Baby Boomers) lack. A life brought up with a smartphone in hand equips them to tackle legal technology in a law … Read more

How to Learn Computer Technical Skills Faster

Learning Technical learnerscoach

For someone to learn computer technical skills faster. You need to Stay Relevant, Master In-Demand Technologies and Boost Your Productivity with More Efficient Learning. For software developers anywhere in the world, learning is a journey, not a destination. You will always be able to get better—if you choose to. I’ve spent plenty of time developing … Read more

Top 10 In Demand Technology Skills to Learn in Kenya

technical skills in Demand

If you want to start a career in technical field, make a lateral move into another field, or advance up the ladder at your current job, learning this top 10 in demand technology skills is an excellent place to begin your transition. Of course, tech is a broad field, and there are a lot of … Read more