The Best Student Hostels In Nairobi

Hostels offer so much more than a cheap place to stay. One of the Best Student Hostels In Nairobi is Qwetu. Qwetu Student Residences is home to a vibrant and diverse community of students from various universities and colleges.

Qwetu has continuously worked with education providers across Nairobi to deliver quality accommodation for their students.

Best Student Hostels In Nairobi

The high-end Qwetu hostels feature high-quality self-contained studios and a full range of amenities including lounges, a gym, and convenience retail.

The rooms have a double bed divan, mattress, wardrobe, desk and chair, pair of sheer curtains, cable free-to-air, WiFi, laundry facilities, and a modern kitchenette equipped with a single infrared burner, a microwave, and a 7CUFT refrigerator. The hostels are also under constant security watch.

How To Join Qwetu Hostels

To live in Qwetu Hostels, one must prove that they are currently enrolled as a student in Kenya. An applicant must not have been convicted of any offences that are punishable by the laws of Kenya.

Applications to live at Qwetu Hostels are done at An applicant needs to provide a copy of a valid current photo ID and a completed Booking Form, which is also found on The ID can either be a national ID for Kenyans or a Passport for non-Kenyans.

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Key Features of Qwetu Hostels

  1. Free High Speed WIFI – They have state-of-the-art wireless network connectivity that is open and accessible throughout. They do not limit downloads or access, assuring their residents unrestricted use of the web. Students may use the Internet for such purposes as conducting literature searches, research, e-mail, chatting, as well as entertainment.
  2. Chillout Lounge – Qwetu Hostels boasts lounges where students relax, refresh themselves after a busy day, and get entertained. In all, there are chillout lounges within each facility with fully subscribed DSTV connections. In the lounges are comfortable sofas to sit back and unwind.
  3. Transport – There are a number of buses to move students between the hostels and their respective colleges and universities. Each state-of-the-art bus has a modern, well equipped interior to ensure maximum comfort during travel. The seats are not just amply spaced, but are comfortable, with side armrests to maximize comfort and relaxation during the journey to and from the facility. Free Wifi is also available
  4. Security – Enclosing this sheltered hostels is a high perimeter concrete wall whose top is secured with impenetrable, razor-sharp barbed wire. There are also security guards keeping watch day and night. What’s more, the door finishing is top-notch, which makes break-ins unlikely. To crown it all, the hostels are located barely 500 meters from the police station.
  5. Hygiene – Qwetu goes beyond ordinary standards of cleanliness to ensure that the hostels at all times maintains the highest standards of health and hygiene. Qwetu has a team of dedicated janitors and caretakers who follow a strict schedule of replacing, cleaning and vacuuming to ensure that the hostels are always hospitable and habitable.
  6. Others Features Include; Restaurants, Pharmacy, Pick & drop laundry, Free bus shuttle, fully furnished rooms, residents gym, Back up generator, constant water supply, Key card access, quiet study areas amongst others

Qwetu Karen Residence

Qwetu Karen, just a 2-minute stroll from the Catholic University of East Africa, is a high-spirited community of learners. Housing over 600 students from a variety of universities and colleges such as Co-operative University, Africa Nazarene University, Africa International University, Kenya School of Law, Multimedia University, JKUAT Karen, Marist International University College, and many more.

Qwetu Hurlingham Residence

Qwetu Hurlingham is home to a vibrant student community of more than 700 residents from various Universities and Colleges such as Daystar University, Strathmore University, Riara University, Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), BOMA, and many more.

The residence is just a short walk to Daystar University and a 10-minute drive from Strathmore University and Nairobi CBD.

Qwetu Aberdare Heights Residence

Qwetu Aberdare Heights will be home to an extensive student community located only 50 meters from the heart of the United States International University (USIU) campus and Pan African University. The proximity to the campuses means taking the hustle out of your commute, saving transport costs, and welcoming some extra sleep as well. And of course, plenty of opportunities to strike up a friendship or two!

Qwetu Ruaraka Residence

Qwetu Ruaraka is the second Qwetu residence to join the Qwetu family and home to the coolest peeps in the Qwetu Community. Join the residence with the most diverse-thinking tribe in Qwetu. They are a community of more than 500 residents from various Universities and Colleges such as USIU, KCA University, Kenyatta University (KU), Zetech University, Africa Nazarene, Graffins College, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and many more.

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