10 Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya

As a student, It’s important to be wise and carry out enough research when choosing Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya since universities and colleges in Kenya produce about 950,000 graduates in the job market every year.

However, there are minimal opportunities, and many graduates come to reality with the battle of seeking relevant opportunities. Typically, they take quite a significant time before they land jobs.

10 Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya

With the current unemployment in Kenya, students who wish to study degree courses in the country need appropriate advice before they stumble into courses that will make them jobless for years.

In this article we take a look at the 10 Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya

1. Bachelor of Aviation

Many still have dreams of becoming pilots. It’s one of the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya, and the top students are given preference. Aviation, one of the top paying careers in the world, can be incredibly satisfying despite the expensive course.

Only a few colleges offer this subject, and not all of them. The Kenya School of Flying and Kenya Aeronautical College are among the top aviation schools. Good grades in mathematics, physics, and geography are necessary before applying for the undergraduate program or receiving the diploma.

2. Bachelor of Architecture and Quantitative Survey

It’s a field of engineering that involves the technological aspects and skills of designing and constructing buildings and infrastructure. Art and creativity and mathematical skills are important in this discipline. A minimum grade of B+ and above is required.

Architects earn a huge amount of money. An added advantage is that it also allows one to venture into self-employment. Most architects end up opening their firms.

3. Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

Although this degree involves a rigorous learning process, graduates will find it in great demand.The benefit of medicine and surgery is that some people are taken in while they are still in school or even before they graduate.

Opportunities in the government health sector may be scarce at times, but the course is still one of the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya, as long as you have the necessary skills and certification, you can choose to open your own facility, look for employment in private health institutions, or even cross international borders.

4. Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

Software engineering can be the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya particularly if you have strong mathematics skills and believe you can handle complex programming. Software engineers typically make between Kshs 200,001 and Kshs 500,001 per month, especially at large corporations like Safaricom, IBM, and Google, to name a few.

In Kenya, a lot of businesses market themselves online. Mobile apps are very popular; for entertainment, banking, studying, and much more. It has provided a huge market for web developers and software engineers.

5. Bachelor of Actuarial Science

Risks are modeled by experts in this field for governmental organizations, insurance providers, and auditing businesses. RBA, IRA, CIC insurance, Alexander Forbes, Old Mutual, Kenya RE, and Nairobi Securities Exchange are just a few of the companies that employ them.

Actuarial science is among the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya, but for the greatest results, you need to add skills to your degree and obtain professional certificates from the IFOA and SOA. Because few Kenyans enroll in the program, opportunities for professionals are significant.

6. Degree in Chartered Financial Analyst

Once you earn a degree as a Chartered Financial Analyst, you might not need any more degrees. While employers are aware that this is a difficult course, once you have passed the third level, they are confident that you are capable of handling the open positions.

Undoubtedly, compared to other Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya, the unemployment rate for financial analysts is still the lowest at 10%. Additionally, you must complete an undergraduate course such as statistics, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Commerce, law, or actuarial science if you wish to enroll in a CFA program.

7. Degree in Special Needs Education

One can get employment as a daycare educator, special education schoolteacher, or academy director with a degree in special requirements education. According to reports, Kenya, like numerous other nations, lacks sufficient special education preceptors.

It is one of the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya because it gives students the tools to instruct scholars with literacy problems and other difficulties.

8. Degree in Law

If you study law today and gain a lot of real-world experience, you will succeed in your career. At initially you could struggle, but as soon as you get a few customers and start giving them outstanding service, you’ll start generating millions. You will also have the option of opening your own law firm.

9. Degree in Monitoring and Evaluation

This course is not familiar to many, although it’s one of the Best Paying Degree Courses in Kenya. The course is unique, and professionals are fewer than job opportunities, which makes it marketable.

10. Degree in Statistics

This course will offer you a job once you graduate if you believe you are proficient in math and science; opportunities are everywhere. Once you possess your degree, you’ll either be employed or become a consultant.

Additionally, this course allows you to broaden your career options; for example, you could choose to become a data analyst, accountant, demographer, financial analyst, or actuarial specialist while still in college.

11. Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy is also among the best degree courses to pursue in Kenya. With this course, you can start your own pharmacy, clinic or get employed. The average monthly pay of a Pharmacist in Kenya is Ksh 200,000.

Here are some of the best universities to enroll for a degree in Pharmacy in Kenya:

  • Nairobi University – (NAIROBI) – PUBLIC.
  • Mount Kenya University – (THIKA) – PRIVATE.
  • Kenyatta University – (NAIROBI) – PUBLIC.
  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology – (JUJA) – PUBLIC.
  • Kenya Methodist University – (MERU) – MISSION

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