Best Marketable Courses For C- Grade

Having a C minus grade in your KCSE means that you miss out on a spot to undertake an excellent degree course in one of the best higher institutions in Kenya. However, this is not the end of your education road as there are some Best Marketable Courses For C- Grade.

These courses are guaranteed to lead you to a successful career, and if need be, you can always upgrade to the highest level of education you wish.

Best Marketable Courses For C- Grade

With a C minus aggregate, you can choose between pursuing a marketable course in certificate or a diploma. Fortunately for you, there are some highest paying diploma courses programs in Kenya that accept students with this grade as listed below.

1. Web and Graphic Design

With this course, you can work for yourself and occasionally get hired as an outside contractor by some of the biggest businesses, including Telkom, Safaricom or Airtel. The need for experts in this area is being driven by organizations’ increasing preference for enhancing their online presence.

The requirements are as follows:
C minus Grade,  C- in English and Kiswahili or any other two subjects Computer Studies is a mandatory

2. Tourism Management

Well, do you have passion in tourism? If yes, this is one of the best C minus courses you can pursue in Kenya. Best offered at Kenyatta University, the programme remains to be the most marketable diploma in the country. As long as we continue to have tourist attraction sites and peace across the country, you will secure an excellent paying job after graduation.

The requirements are as follows:
C- in Mathematics C plain in either Biology, Geography/History, Business/Computer, English/Foreign Languages, Biological Sciences

3. Project Management/Monitoring and Evaluation

Even though many people are currently pursuing this diploma, if you are lucky enough, you could secure employment with International NGOs such as World Food Programme, UNEP and UNICEF. Every NGO carries out projects, and this calls for Monitoring and Evaluation. The best places to undertake this are JKUAT and KIM (Kenya Institute of Management)

The requirement is as follows:
D+ English and D+ Maths/Accounting/Business/Economics/commerce

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4. Nutrition and Health

This is one of the best courses you can do with a C- if you enjoy engaging in medical activities. You won’t have any trouble locating a college that is right for you because both public and private universities offer this diploma. You will learn about nutrition and public health here. As a result, you will be able to inform the community about issues relating to their health and provide them with dietary guidance.

The requirements are as follows:
A minimum of C – aggregate as expected. C- aggregate if you have a certificate in the same. Grade C- in either any two subjects in the following categories: Category A: Home Science, Biology, Chemistry, Agriculture. Category B: Home Science, Geography, Biological Sciences, Physical sciences, and Agriculture.

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5. Purchasing and Supplies

Purchasing and Supplies is an excellent programme in Kenya as it is one of the fastest-growing professions. You can enroll with KIM or TUK. Professionals in this field earn a good amount of salary per month while working for some of the biggest companies in the country.

The requirements are as follows:
Aggregate C-, D plus in English and Maths or Accounting, Business or commerce or Economics Duration of 24 months

6. Interior Design

This course was never seen in Kenya as a marketable one since people didn’t fancy creative, designed homes and houses. Recently, entertainment joints, companies, offices, homes, and estates need the services of such experts.

The requirement is as follows:
C- Mean Grade

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7. Accounting and Finance

The corporate world will always need financial experts and accountants. It is, therefore, no wonder that this is one of the most marketable diploma courses in the current job market.

The requirements are as follows:
Mathematics D- English or Kiswahili D-

8. Cake and Baking

Of late, the demand for cakes has risen to a higher level compared to past years. From graduations, birthdays, weddings, nearly every event is graced by a cake cutting phase. You don’t have to be employed as you can always start your bakery where you will be making fortunes daily.

The requirement is as follows: Able to read and write in English

9. Journalism and Mass communication

The majority of the known media presenters only have a diploma and are earning a decent income. Some even pocket over 300,000 monthly because they are talented.

The requirement is as follows:
C plain In English or Kiswahili

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10. Sales and Marketing

Even though you will not earn much at the entry-level, as you gain experience in this field, you will harness lots of commissions, promotions and hence salary increment. You can work for a wide range of companies such as Unilever Kenya, Jumia and much more.

The requirements are as follows:
D+ English D+ Maths/Accounting/Business/commerce/Economics

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