Top 10 Best Hospitality Colleges in Kenya

Hospitality courses are one of the best courses to study in Kenya. The Top 10 Best Hospitality Colleges in Kenya are discussed in this article including their location, course prices and reason why you should join them. As you know, any hospitality related course will guarantee you a job opportunity even though the pay may not be as lucrative as expected

The Best Hospitality Colleges in Kenya teach its students how to run successful catering operations in addition to teaching them how to cook. Food plays a significant role in Kenyan culture, which is rich and diverse. There is a lot of economic potential in the food and catering industry, as there are over 2 million visitors that visit each year in addition to numerous more who come for business.

In this article, we will check out some of the best hospitality colleges in Kenya where you can pursue certificate and Diploma in Hospitality that are accredited by the ministry of Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism.

Top 10 Best Hospitality Colleges in Kenya

A number of colleges in Kenya offers some of the best training to hospitality and catering students and this colleges are worth recommending. When it comes to deciding where you want to pursue your higher education it is important to remember to choose a school that has the facilities to provide you with the best education that can open opportunities for you.

1. Boma International Hospitality College (BIHC)

One of the top catering schools in Kenya is widely regarded as Boma International Hospitality College (BIHC). It is a top-notch culinary arts institute that has already contributed significantly to the nation’s best hotels and restaurants by creating a large number of hoteliers. It is also quite likely to continue to do so in the future.

One thing that works in the favor of this institution is the fact that it offers that 5 star hotel environment which will enable the students blend in when they start working.

It is a world-class Swiss Hotel Management college seeking to educate and influence the next generation of hoteliers. The college is renowned across Africa for state of the art study programs. Study programs include;

  • Swiss Diploma in Culinary Arts
  • Certificate in Culinary Operations
  • Swiss Diploma in International Hospitality Management
  • Certificate in Hospitality Operations
  • Professional Hospitality Development Program
  • Foundation Program in Hospitality Operations
  • International Cookery
  • Pastry and Bakery.

They are found along Red Cross Road, South C, Nairobi.

Phone Contacts: 0719 050 540; Email Contacts:

2. Kenya Utalii College

One of the best places in Kenya to study the culinary arts is Kenya Utalii College. It is now becoming more well-known and is one of Africa’s most renowned training facilities for hospitality and tourism, providing instruction in an African manner.

Kenya Utalii College gives both the domestic and foreign elements of the hotel and tourist industries equal attention. The school is aware that many visitors to Kenya are interested in experiencing African culture and cuisine.

It is distinguished for providing world-class training for both the local and international hospitality and tourism industries.
Some of the courses offered by this institution include;

  • Hotel Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Travel Operations
  • Tour Guiding and Administration
  • Diploma courses in Hotel Management
  • Certificate in Food and Beverage Service and Sales
  • Certificate in Food Production Apprenticeship
  • Certificate in Food Production

They are situated Next to Kenya Utalii College, Ruaraka, Nairobi.

Their Contacts include: 0722 205 492, 0733 600 584. Email:

3. Rifkins College

One of the most well-liked schools in Kenya for studying the culinary arts is Rifkins College. People from various backgrounds and intentions are welcome to enroll in the college’s courses and learning environment.

Short courses are available for those who want to learn the skills necessary to open their own businesses, and there are also programs designed to help young people land jobs in Kenya’s larger hotels.

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Certificate in Hotel and Catering Supervision

Physical Location: Focal Point Building, Digo Road, Mombasa.

Phone Contact: 0715 043 739.

Email Contact:

4. St Kizito Vocational Training Institute

The St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute has a broad range of programs and abilities, but over the years it has been a fantastic place to study the culinary arts. Parents might be relieved to learn that because it is a Catholic institution, the atmosphere is given additional attention in order to keep it secure and morally upright.

Some of the courses available include:

  • Artisan Catering Course
  • NVCET Catering Course
  • Short Course in Cookery
  • Short Course in Pastry & Bakery
  • Short Course in Cookery and Bakery

Physical Location: Githurai-Kimbo, Ruaraka and Roysambu, Nairobi.

 Contacts: 020 219 6799.

5. International Hotel & Tourism Institute

When it comes to learning the culinary arts, the International Hotel and Tourism Institute, often known as IHTI, offers a high grade of instruction. Many of the students who attended this college went on to have successful professions in the culinary and catering business and it offers approved courses.

Some of the courses offered include;

  • Hospitality Management (BTEC HND)
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Front Office Operations
  • Food & Beverage Service Supervision
  • Wine & Bar Knowledge

Physical Location: Nyeri Road, Kileleshwa, Nairobi.
Phone Contacts: 0711 129 610

Email Contact:

6. Tsavo Institute Of Technology

It is a tertiary institution known for producing high-flying professionals in various disciplines. The institute offers Diploma and Certificates in the following hospitality areas;

  • Hospitality Management
  • Food and Beverage Sales and Services
  • Food Production
  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Pastry and Bakery.

Contacts: 0721 328 576, 0735 371 776.


7. Amboseli Institute Of Hospitality & Technology

The premier catering school in Kenya, Amboseli Institute Of Hospitality & Technology, is committed to giving students the professional skills required to operate in the hospitality sector.

However, this institution is not only trying to train Kenyans; it also intends to top the list of hospitality schools in all of East Africa.

Some of the courses offered include:

  • Pastry & Bakery
  • Housekeeping & Laundry Operations
  • Front Office Operations & Administration
  • Food Production
  • Artisan Cookery & Bakery
  • Food & Beverage Sale
  • Hospitality Management

Physical Location: Kiboko Road, Thika, Kenya.

Phone Contacts: 0720 663 860, 0732 539 762.

Email Contact:

8. Top Chefs Culinary Institute

The best cooks in Kenya will be produced by Top Chefs Culinary Institute. This culinary school gives thorough instruction in the culinary skills along with other areas of managing and running hospitality businesses like hotels, restaurants, and so on. However, as one can see from the courses provided, cuisine is the institute’s primary focus.

Top Chefs Culinary Institute offers the following programmes;

  • Diploma course in Pastry & Bakery
  • Diploma course in the Culinary Arts
  • Short courses in Cookery
  • Short course in Bakery and Pastry

Physical Location: 5th Floor Parklands Plaza, Westlands, Nairobi.

Phone Contacts: 0700 691 427, 020 374 0166.

Email Contact:

9. Nairobi Aviation College

Nairobi Aviation College is one of the top colleges in Kenya offering a range of courses in various fields. The college has campuses in Nairobi and Kisumu. It offers hospitality programmes such as;

  • Diploma in Food & Beverage Production, Sales & Service Management
  • Certificate in Food & Beverage Sales Skills
  • Diploma in Food Production
  • Diploma in Front Office Operation & Administration
  • Diploma in Hotel & Catering Management
  • Certificate in Hotel & Catering Management
  • Diploma in Housekeeping & Accommodation
  • Bakery & Pastry

10. Eldoret Technical Training Institute

Despite providing a fairly broad range of training courses in numerous areas, Eldoret Technical Training Institute has done unexpectedly well in the culinary arts.

Many young people who want to work in the hotel business continue to be drawn to this institute, which has already produced some excellent cooks and chefs.

Some of the programs offered by this institute include;

  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Food & Beverage Production & Service
  • International Travel and Tourism Management
  • Catering and accommodation

Physical Address: Telecom House, Orange House, Kenyatta Street, Eldoret, Kenya


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