Best Colleges and Universities Offering Courses in Journalism

If you are a student fresh from high school looking for the Best Colleges and Universities Offering Courses in Journalism and Mass Communication in Kenya then you are in the right place.

While there are hundreds of recognized colleges in Kenya, we will only focus on the best in Kenya in order for you to make the right choice that will elevate your Communication career.

These colleges are dedicated in providing the best education possible to their students and have been rated by the Media Council of Kenya and are recommended for those who want a job in the Media and Communication industry.

Best Colleges and Universities Offering Courses in Journalism

Below is a list of colleges that offer journalism in Kenya. We have also included their contacts and websites (where applicable) to help you reach out to your preferred college.

1. The Multi-media University College of Kenya

It was established in 2008 as a constituent college of The Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, the multi-media university college is one of the leading Mass Communication universities in Kenya.

The university is located along Magadi Road-Ongata Rongai in the outskirts of Nairobi and hosts thousands of students looking for training in the media industry.

The university offers a 1 year Diploma in Journalism and other related fields such as Strategic Public Relations and Film and animation.


2. Tangaza University College

Tangaza college is one of constitute colleges of Catholic University and is another college offering excellent mass communication courses.

Courses: BA (Bachelor of Arts) in Social Communication, Diploma in Media production, Certificate in Media production.

Location: Langata South Road, Nairobi


3. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

NIBS is a tertiary institution known to offer a variety of leading Diploma courses with the most successful being Mass Communication.
Under the school of Journalism and Media studies category, the college offers Diploma courses in the same field.

Some of the topics covered in the Diploma course include; Broadcast journalism, newspaper reporting, online journalism, sub-editing among others.
The institution also has branches in Nairobi town and its environs in order to make it easier for you to apply and begin training for your Communication career.


4. Africa Digital Media Institute (ADMI)

ADMI is one of the very few Journalism colleges in Kenya offering courses in digital journalism.

They actually offer a Diploma in Digital Journalism that will take you 2 years to complete.

We recommend this course if you goal is to acquire versatile and holistic skillset for either print, broadcast, or even online reporting.

Courses: Diploma in Digital Journalism

Location: Caxton House, Nairobi CBD

5. Zetech College/University

Zetech was one of the first Journalism colleges in Kenya to offer a certificate in journalism in Kenya. They have since launched a diploma journalism course.

Courses: certificate in journalism, diploma in journalism.

Note: the diploma in journalism at Zetech University takes about 2 years.

Location: Along Thika Rd (ruiru)

6. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication

This is one of the best journalism schools in Kenya and has the highest number of journalism courses. This institute is government owned.

Courses: Pure Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Advertising & Public Relations, TV Programmes Production, Radio Programmes Production, Film/ Video Program Production , Media Technology, and many more

Location: Mwembere Road, South B, Nairobi

Other Colleges and Universities Include;

University Of Nairobi – The University of Nairobi (UoN) is a very good institution to pursue journalism and media related careers in Kenya.

Mt Kenya University – The Mount Kenya University is another great university in Kenya that offers media related courses that you can be sure to graduate, from the University with good grades and highly skilled.

Riara University – The well established institution offers high standards education to all their enrolled students which makes the school produce highly qualified professionals every year.

Daystar University – The Daystar University of Kenya is one of the best universities in the country that produces highly skilled and qualified professionals in the media industry.

Technical University Of Kenya – The Technical University of Kenya (TUK) is among the most reliable colleges in Kenya to pursue your career.


There are plenty of colleges accredited by the Media Council of Kenya in Kenya offering a myriad of sources in communication.
The most important aspect to bear in mind as you apply for these courses is to ensure that you pick the best college to enroll in.

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