10 Best Paying Careers In Kenya

Are you looking for the Best Paying Careers In Kenya? Then, this article provides all the information you need. Whether you are a recent graduate or have some work experience, these jobs offer great opportunities to earn a good income.

10 Best Paying Careers In Kenya

Most young people in Kenya are looking for the Best Paying Careers. But when you get ready to grow professionally, you should think about enrolling in some of Kenya’s hottest courses, which will protect your money accounts in the long run.

You should be especially cautious about the course you select because many of the marketable programs you assume are well-liked may take you nowhere.

The following are some of the 10 Best Paying Careers In Kenya with their average salary

1. Piloting/ Aviation

Since there is a shortage of pilots in Kenya, working as a pilot ensures you a respectable pay. Unlike most vocations, a full-fledged pilot does not get paid on a monthly basis. Instead, they are paid hourly according to the number of flights they take, plus per diems. A pilot with limited experience makes about Ksh. 132k per month, while the highest paid professional might earn up to Ksh. 420k per month.

You must complete a three-year piloting course at a recognized institution to become a pilot. However, it’s among the most costly courses in Kenya since it requires you have more than Ksh. 5M to study.

Best aviation Institutions in Kenya include: Kenya School of Flying, East Africa School of Aviation, Ninety-Nines Flying School, Nairobi Flight Training Ltd, Flight Training Center, Capital Connect Aviation

2. Accountant

To become an accountant, you will need a degree in accounting from a college or university. In addition, getting your Certified Public Accountant certification is possible after meeting the education and work experience requirements set out by the Kenyan government.

To become a certified public accountant, you must meet additional schooling and training requirements. You will earn a starting salary of 150k

3. Law

Lawyers are quick, discerning, and smart thinkers. Before enrolling in a prestigious university for a four-year degree program, you must pass your KCSE with at least a B plain in order to enter the profession. You must enroll in the Kenya law school for two years after you graduate before you may start working as a high court advocate.

The average lawyer in Kenya makes about Ksh 133k per month, although the most successful ones can make up to Ksh 2M. Lawyers who represent politicians, business moguls, and criminal defense attorneys frequently earn more than Ksh 5M.

4. Architecture

Contrary to popular assumption, this career is still among the highest earning in Kenya. Kenya is a developing nation, hence there is a huge demand for architectural solutions. You must have a degree in architecture from an accredited university in order to practice architecture professionally. You require a grade of at least an A in KCSE in order to enroll in an architecture course.

Students of architecture could start their careers even before they complete their education. Everyday growth in the real estate industry offers architects a ready platform to showcase their skills. The amount that independent architects make depends on the scale of the projects they design and the clients they work with. A starting income of Ksh 50k is possible; however, if you are talented and driven, your salary is likely to double or even treble.

Most architects in Kenya make between Ksh. 80,000k to Ksh.283,000.

5. Medicine and Surgery

A keen mind, a lot of study time, and patience are necessary to become a doctor. But the best thing about medicine is that there is always a demand for doctors, so once you finish your training, you can be sure that you’ll find work. You need to have a KSCE score of at least a B+ in order to enroll in a medicine course. Coursework for a degree in medicine and surgery typically lasts at least 5 years.

Surgeons and medical doctors are always learning. Professionals with the highest education and expertise working in large hospitals such as The Karen Hospital and Mater Nairobi Hospital pocket as high as Ksh. 400,000 monthly.

6. Procurement and Supplies

Although it may not be a well-known profession in Kenya, those who work in procurement and supplies make a respectable living. Although their annual income ranges from Ksh. 40k to Ksh. 200k, the amount they receive in benefits is significantly higher—up to 100 times their wage.

You shouldn’t focus on pay while enrolling in a procurement school; instead, think about the job’s net worth. Your salary might start out at Ksh. 120k per month, but at the end of the month, thanks to the money you’ve made through pushing tenders for particular people, it will be Ksh. 500k.

7. Mechanical Engineering

Regarding the best paying careers, mechanical engineering is at the very top. As a diploma graduate, you can earn a starting salary of more than Ksh. 100k if you get a job in blue chip companies and in the government.

Companies that pay mechanical graduates well in Kenya include Kengen, Bamburi Cement, Kenya Pipeline, Kenya Power, Davis and Shirtliff, and Geothermal.

8. Statistics

As a statistician, you can land employment in institutions such as the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS), audit firms, banks, United Nations Insurance companies, NGOs, and other government institutions requiring data analysts. To enroll in a statistics course, you must be good at Mathematics and sciences.

Most companies pay statisticians between Ksh. 70k to Ksh. 200k monthly. The highest-paid statistician professionals are PhDs holders with more than 5 years of experience. The average salary they receive is Ksh. 250k monthly.

9. Actuarial Science

The first step is earning a degree in actuarial science, but in order to become an actuary, you must also become certified by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries or the Society of Actuaries. Before you may become an actuary, you must pass 12 papers.

But once you complete, you can secure a job in Banks, RBA, Insurance companies, IRA, Nairobi Security Exchange, audit firms, Capital Market Authority, stoke brokers, or any other financial institution that requires financial experts.

On average, a competent actuary in Kenya earns Ksh. 300k monthly. The average salary you can earn with an actuarial degree and professional certification in actuarial science is between Ksh. 180k and Ksh. 1-5M monthly.

10. Software Engineering

Very few people in Kenya have graduated as software engineers. You must receive a KCSE grade of B+ or above along with an A or A- in math and physics in order to enroll in a software engineering program. Although there are many chances for grads, you need to be very innovative and talented in order to make a solid living. Institutions like Google value skill more than high-caliber papers.

With software engineering qualifications, you will secure a job in Tech companies like Oracle, Airtel, Google, Safaricom, Facebook, and IBM, among others. In such institutions, software engineers earn more than Ksh. 200k monthly regardless of job experience.

You can pocket up to 5M as a software engineer if you prove you’re creative and talented beyond doubt. The least salary you can earn working with any company with software engineering and more than 3 years of experience is Ksh. 150k.

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